It started like this. My love for money took the better part of me.

Whenever I’d hear money, it’s like my mind would be set on auto drive mode. My hormones would get jumpy and I’d do just anything to quench my thirst. Little did I know that I was building a monster inside of me. I wonder why the doctors have never told us that at some point in life the love for money will make the love, care, compassion…. … us fall off from our body like hair and let greed, spiritual damage…. ….take over.

What till today I couldn’t understand is how I could afford a smile when I was totally consumed by my love for money. It had become a disease that was eating me slowly up contrary to my knowledge. “if it could be cancer then this would definitely not be stage one as my chances of survival were at 50/50. As anyone else out there I had people who cared about me and wouldn’t want see me go astray and they did come to my rescue.

Not that I didn’t listen. I did they were like my doctors. What they told me was like a prescription. I’ll shove the tablets down my through without missing a dose of it. I did everything with moderation . I guess what they didn’t know is that they were subjecting me to an under dose.
I did it all. I did all I was asked to infact I came a guidance and counselor to my own self. I had mastered and everything like the Bible verses and I could preach to myself from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation without missing a verse. But all these were of no course as my love for money was just like circumnavigating however how much I tried running away from it I would find myself at the very same position. I guess it was more of an obsession and as they say it’s a mental illness.

Little did I know.
I was now a murderer. What you don’t know is that I hooked up with the rich “sponsors”. I received a number of favors for the kind of services I offered. I obviously have to sugar coat this because I wouldn’t want to call my self a sex worker but that was exactly what it was…. .i went to expensive 5 star hotels, expensive vacations in Dubai, Singapore…. …drove porche cars…. them. My bank account was already fat from the huge cheques I received. My body had not just become a business, but a lifetime investment. I was earning more than those on government payrolls. My body was working for any case a degree in my country as there are no job opportunities so what would be best than being self employed?????

I hooked up with this old granny. She was white “MZUNGU” we booked an expensive hotel in the coastal region of Kenya where we would enjoy the moment with the beautiful breeze cooling our bodies…..”YOU KNOW WHAT MEAN” as usual I had to offer my services before I get paid. But of what use was it if I had her bank account details on my fingertips?? Nothing linked me to her anyway and at her age, her time was almost up so I’d be doing her a huge favor.
Well doing this I had to play it cool in any case how many movies have I watched a lot of movies and this would be just a simple murder case that would make me a millionaire in just a second. I poured her a glass of wine and some poison I was given my a friend of mine who knew about my plans but before she could drink it…. ……..she got a call and she had to leave urgently and we had to reschedule…. …….

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32 thoughts on “MONEY!!

  1. I love ❤️😘 the nice arranged words though to some extend paining,indeed u are more than u know,I luv this keep it up boy

  2. I love this! thanks for sharing your story with us! Money is the power of all greed and honestly doesn’t give you happiness!

  3. Very interesting read! I was surprised when it seemed to end so suddenly! The love of money is definitely root of all evil. People would do anything for money. Sadly some of those people may be good people. Money just brings out the worst in some of us sometimes.

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