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What changed
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Have you ever taken even just a minute to just ask yourself what happened to being benevolent? What changed?

Have you ever had to loose a parent, a brother, a sister, a relative or a friend through murder? Have you ever had to live with the pain of educating a child up to the University level and end up loosing them to murder???

Am grateful I haven’t gotten to experience that directly. But indirectly I’ve gone through such. I know most of us have heard, watched or even witnessed such scenarios. What runs through your mind when you get to witness such? I really don’t know if am the only one who would wish to understand the sudden rise in murder case……

What happened to brother and sister hood? What happened to being neighbors? Does life have no meaning that we get to decide when someone’s life has to end? How do the perpetrators even get to go about their daily lives knowing they put off the lights of someone’s life before their time

Am sure am not the only person following up the recent consistent rise of murder cases and the reasons behind them….. Love, food, land……. I can’t even get to imagine how those reason could result in taking away someone’s life.

Don’t you think the rise in murder cases is becoming a national disaster? I know I sound stupid saying this it sounded better when I said it to myself than saying it loud but still, who will be the voice of the victims of these cases? Who can show them that there is still hope?

At some point I just wish we could just go back in time when life mattered. At time when love was real, at time when “NEIGHBOR ” had meaning. That time when life was sacred a time when what is worth killing for now was worth sharing then.

If this is what we call advancement then I definitely want to remain a “MSHAMBA” and continue living back in the days. Because to me the advancement seems to come with loss of sanity and people turning into animals Killing without thinking. I just wish I could teleport back to the time when being each others brothers keeper had meaning. What changed??

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    Rocky Stephen

    What inspires you to write all this are you speaking out of experience that’s a good one

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      Well it’s not something that I have gone through but it’s something that I’ve seen happening.

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    Bindu Thomas

    I can totally understand your concern. Humanity seems to be losing its human touch at times


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