Ways of marketing your blog at no cost

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So, you finally published your latest blog post and it is the best of all the articles you’ve ever written and deserves more than just a mere attention. You spend your time checking on the site stats but there are no signs of any visitors on your site.

It’s obvious reality is being completely different from whatever you had imagined. Getting thousands of visitors to your site. DEVASTATING RIGHT??

Here are some of the ways of marketing your blog at no cost

1.MAKE THE MOST OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA : consider building your relationships on social media. You should also be able to make sharing on social media from your site easy by including sharing buttons on your blog and encourage your readers to share. This can help you drive good traffic to your blog

2.OPTIMIZE YOUR ARTICLES ON SEARCH ENGINES : This will help your articles get a much better ranking. It’s of essence as it will attract traffic to your website and ideally you can be able to convert the traffic to leads. This will allow you warm good income through blogging.

3. GUEST POST: guest blogging is essential in that it generates alot of referral traffic to your blog. This will establish you as an influential person in blogging industry thereby gaining much attention to you blog.

4.BIULD YOUR SUBSCRIBERS :having a strong email marketing is key. Through your subscribers, you can be able to build connections and a good marketing place for your blog. By this you need to get yourself plugins that can be able to store subscribers and send mails.

5. MAKE FRIENDS WITH OTHER BLOGGERS : this is important since as bloggers as you can support each other grow through leaving comments, guest posting…..this way you can be able to grow your site.

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