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Starting a blog can seem overwhelming and somehow intimidating. Here, I will guide you how to venture into blogging with a few basic skills. You don’t need to be an expert on your topic to have a successful blog. Some readers don’t want to read books from professionals, they just want to hear the experiences of someone who’s been through the topics they are looking for.

The following steps are a guide of you starting your blog.

1. PICK A TITLE FOR YOUR BLOG: this is the first step to building you blog. A good name should be descriptive so that potential readers can tell at an instant what your blog is all about just from the name. If you are planning to start a personal blog, then I recommend using your name.

2. CHOOSE A BLOGGING HOST : to get your blog up and running, you need a hosting and blogging software. Good thing is that they come packaged together. The blog host I’d recommend is bluehost . You the link to register your blog with blue host

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3. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BLOG: once you’ve registered your blog and chosen a plan for for your hosting, when you login to your bluehost portal you can be able to access your wordpress and customize your site to your taste. They have thousands of different themes to choose from. Once you choose a them that suits your blog., you can activate it. You can also be able to make changes at anytime.

4. PUBLISH YOUR FIRST BLOG: now that your blog is up and running, you need to publish YIUR content. When ready to publish you’ll launch your site to remove the “coming soon ” page and congratulations you’ll have started your own blog and published your content.

5. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG: having your blog and content published is not the end of the journey. In order to be able to get visitors to your site you’ll need to spend your time marketing your blog. This will enable you get your content out there. The best way to do this is through social media twitter, facebook,….. This is the best way to make your content go viral.

6. MAKE MONEY BLOGGING : once you’ve promoted your site and driven traffic to your site, it’s time to start earning by monetizing your blog. For a beginner I’d recommend selling ad space with Google Adsense . They find advertisers for you and all you’ll need to do is paste the codes on your blog and start running ads.

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    Great article, l tried adsense but it just didn’t work for me. Had to close the account. Thanks for sharing this ❤

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    I tried Adsense before too but it didn’t work for me either! Thanks for sharing!


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