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Each and every blogger or site owner has at some point experienced the exasperations that come along with how to drive traffic to your site. Everyone would wish to miraculously gain readers to their blog site but the truth is, it takes diligence to build an audience. When you decide to venture into blogging ,then you should be ready to put up with frustrations it may come with and not letting giving up be an option as once once you experience the benefits that come with blogging by driving traffic to your site, you’ll understand it was worth the fight.

The below have proven to work really well for my blog and I assure you that it can help you grow your site’s traffic within a short time.


Social media will allow you share your thoughts, opinions and solutions to problems with people who listen. It comes in handy to accomplish your objectives of marketing your blog as it will provide on the spot building of your loyal brand followers.

Once you’ve made up your mind on social sites to pursue or those that would work best for you you’ll need to put up a social media strategy. This will help you know how to interact with your readers and sharing of your content. To build traffic to your blog oftenly share your content on your favorite sites and encourage your readers to like and share. You should also add social media sharing on your site. This will allow you combine all sharing options Into one and be able to share your content easily.

2. BLOG CONSISTENTLY : this will contribute highly to the value of your blog as it will increase the content for your readers and also create an opportunity for your content to be shared. It’s also a good way of providing a back link for people referencing with your content thereby strengthening your relationship with your readers. This will build your site traffic and help you stay on top of famous topics for your niche.

3. USE CAPTIVATING TITLES : this is the perfect way to attract new readers to visit your site. You might have a good number of followers who will visit your blog whichever the title given. But to build your growth, titles really come in handy. This is because titles will tell your readers what the article is about. It will also help increase your site traffic from search engines as it will act as key word thereby driving potential readers to your site.

4. CONNECT WITH OTHER BLOGGERS: have you ever thought of how fast you could grow if other bloggers were promoting your blog. Your content can reach a larger audience than promoting it yourself. Linking up with like minded bloggers gives you a perfect opportunity to expand your traffic. Not just to benefit yourself, but also be helpful to them. Take time to read through their blogs and also leave a comment. This will really help build support,education and promotion of your blog.

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  1. Great list of info, the social media info is a big one! Sites such as instagram and pintrest can really help boost traffic. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thank you for this guide, connecting & consistency takes a lot of hours, I find the time management the hardest..

  3. Nice Tips.
    I’d also advise the following:
    1. Install Yoast plugging to help you edit metatags and snippets for better click through rates on Google results.
    2. Apply AIDA principle on your blog articles. The initials AIDA stand for (capture)Attention, (arouse)Interest, (create a..)Desire eg.a need for more, and (a call to..) Action eg..leave a comment.
    3. Beware the sites you add links to. Google may penalize you if you link to sites with low DA (Domain Authority)
    4. Break large paragraphs or text blocks with images or bullet points.

  4. I think that instead of writing every day you should focus on quality instead of quantity. Research your topics and bring value to the reader. Using SEO get your posts on the search engines. Social traffic doesn’t mean anything, organic traffic is the one that brings money.

  5. These are great tips! I’ve been working hard on boosting my traffic, and it can be tough, but rewarding.

  6. This is all so true!! i used to go really hard at getting traffic and I’ve slacked off a bit.. I need to get back on it!

  7. Great tips! I definitely need to hook up with other bloggers and blog more consistently. I could stand to have a little more traffic.

  8. Posting consistently goes hand in hand with promoting your work consistently. For me, Pinterest has been a game changer and eventually, I mastered quality writing.

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