Reasons behind unemployment.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing the youths currently. This is due to the fact that the number of jobs created annually is not enough to absorb the higher number of youths joining the job market. This can be witnessed as youths are held up in long queues during the few open employment opportunities.

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causes of unemployment are not entirely on the lack of employment opportunities, but the job seekers also do contribute to them not being able to get employed.

  1. Most youths do prepare themselves for the jobs that are not there. They forget the fact that education was intended to make them self reliant. They are more focused in being employed than creating opportunities for themselves.
  2. Choosing between a career growth and money is another big problem that leads to youth’s unemployment. They are more focused on the pay offer than the number of opportunities available in the job industry they would want to pursue thereby ending up flooded in one industry leading to the lack of jobs for them.
  3. Under development is another cause that has left many unemployed. Most youths target higher paying jobs without trying to build up their skills. Each and everyday youths complain about employers asking for people with experience in the field. This is because they are more focused on landing well paying jobs than developing their skills in their field by starting from the readily available opportunities. Developing their skills can help them in being competitive and prepared for the positions they are aiming.

The best way to curb unemployment is to first to do what you have passion in then money can follow. Most of us are more focused on the pay cheque than our passion. This will help in building experience thereby cutting the notion of employees complaining about employers asking for experience.

moreover, youths should specialize in industries that have job offers and not just the well paying jobs. This will help reduce the flooding in certain jobs and other industries lacking skilled labour.

24 thoughts on “UNEMPLOYMENT

  1. I disagree with you the world we are living in you don’t do thing’s with passion but take the way thing’s they are it’s like you are telling me l studied engineering but due to passion l go work as a watchman the things that creat unemployment is poor education system in our African countries e.g in developed countries you are trained to be self dependent that’s what we lack you wake up everyday go to College after college what are you expecting job immediately no well spoken employers wants experienced personel are you no thats why we have so many foreigners taking big jobs
    1 misstrust
    2 tribalism
    3 racial discrimination this three things kills youths how to avoid them
    1 train to be independent
    2 support [financially and advisory ]

    1. You failed to understand my point of view actually you failed completely Cz I never said you study engineering then come and be a security guard. My point was specialize in what you have passion in that includes studying and like I said job seekers contribute to them lacking employed but it’s not entirely them that why from the start I said the jobs available are not able to absorb all the job seekers you failing to understand the whole of the blog but you’re fixated in understanding a part of it that’s where you go wrong

      1. Who do you think has failed and causing unemployment?? Who should be blamed for the youths incompentet ?? The government society should come out as one training and equipping youths with resources for them to create opportunity for themselves

    2. Well, this is one of the frustrating part of getting educated, studying hard then being unemployed. I think its a combination of working hard + Luck

  2. It’s a very good read! I feel like where I am from a lot of people feel like they have to go to college. The end up getting expensive degrees that they don’t know what to do with.

  3. I think a lot of kids enter college without realizing that they are there at least in part to prepare themselves for the work force. They major in something they are passionate about, but don’t always seek out opportunities like internships that will actually lead to future jobs. Myself included in that! Looking back, I refused to participate in unpaid internships, when really those would have been great resume builders.

  4. This article is spot on! I agree with what you said that “Most youths do prepare themselves for the jobs that are not there. They forget the fact that education was intended to make them self reliant. They are more focused in being employed than creating opportunities for themselves.”

  5. A Good read. Self realization of your capability and interest and building those opportunity for ourselves should be focused more than being just employed.

  6. I think another issue here is the oversupply of workers. A year ago more nurses graduated in the Philippines than needed in the workforce. Too much supply less demand.

  7. This is really the reality nowadays. The youths seem to prioritize the pay offer rather than finding jobs that can help them grow their skills. I guess I really can’t blame them, the economy is tough and keeps demanding for us to keep up.

  8. A lot of my friends are having a difficult time finding jobs they studied in and are now forced to take jobs that have nothing to do with their degree.

  9. I agree with these. Sadly, most today are more focused on what they’re getting than pursing their passion but we cannot blame them because we need $$$ to survive. Thank you for the insightful post!

  10. It is a big concern, people are saving most of their live to ensure their kids get the best education possible. But still even if qualified and educated, large companies look for people with experience…

  11. Most of the kids that go to college did not take seariuslly. They go there enjoy with out realizing that is about their future ….so sad

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