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the tears of a bleeding Africa.

I used to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong about indifference. That people who are indifferent are lame and just scared. What I didn’t know is that even in the same colour, people could see the difference, even in the same colour, someone sees another as an obstacle, someone somewhere sees another as the reason why they are not successful, that the one you consider a friend friend, a brother gives a fuck about the progress you are making, that they are bitter that you’re a step ahead and that they just hide in pretence and sarcasm ready to pounce on you.

A part of me wishes I could have a way to tell this in a magical way but the sad truth is, however how much I try to sugarcoat this our continent is in tears. I wish I could even be telling about the beauties that Africa has to offer but beauty in the face is no beauty without a good heart.

Life is not easy and definitely will not be easy just because those you consider abstacles are out of your way. The reasons for the bitterness might be justified maybe because of loss of hope, failure, lack of employment…………………. But certainly the way of handling everything now takes us ages back. It shows how small minded we are. Today we’re bitter because they are from the neighbouring country and are here taking the place meant for us. What we don’t see is that you’ll always be bitter because people that are a step ahead will always be around you.

It really is painful seeing the kind of future we have for the next generation. That it’s OK to turn against a brother, that violence is a solution to unemployment, that colour is just color and makes us nothing more than people sharing the same colour, that it’s OK to take a life to get their way.

If you feel that you are consistently bitter about every shit that bothers you, chances are you lack anything important going on in your life and your real problem isn’t your neighbor, a friend or family that you feel are taking what is rightfully yours, but yourself. These are just problems of not having anything more important to worry about.

What changed

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    Rocky Stephen

    You spoke well my brother unemployment is the cause of violence but how can we curve the indifference among ourselves

  2. 1

    This is true, we have deeper problems than what the face actually shows…. sad😪

  3. 1

    You, Me and Benny

    this was such a good read – definitely need to look inward a lot more than we do!

  4. 1

    Jesusa Gilliam

    Great read, being unemployed does allow for more free time to stir up trouble. Wish we could have a better outcome, maybe volunteer our time at a homeless shelter to occupy that time. Wherever place choosen to volunteer may even like your work ethics and hire you.

  5. 1


    I always think it’s all about perspective. Bitterness can be overcome with a good attitude and seeing the positive

  6. 1


    I have read and seen countless horrendous acts by these faceless humans, and it saddens my heart that SA is back to segregation

  7. 1

    Emily Fata

    It’s important for news like this, though sad and heartbreaking, to be broadcast to the world. Thank you for sharing this eye opening blog post.

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    HilLesha O'Nan

    You’d think things would be better in this day and age, but it seems like this is increasingly becoming a problem in different parts of the world. It is really sad!

  9. 1

    Sondra Barker

    These are the topics people need to talk about more. I am so glad you shared this with us.

  10. 1

    Olya Amanova

    People have noone to fear in this world but themselves. Violence we encounter everywhere. To cure this is a universal obligation of every one.

  11. 1


    That is a very positive thought about how to be better not bitter. Be it Africa, India or any European country, indifference towards other persons plight is not right. One should always have a support system in place.

  12. 1

    Kuntala Banerjee

    First of all let me appreciate you for the courage to bring out this topic to public notice. You should portray your post in bigger forums too. It is indeed a concern to be seriously thought about. Positivity boost is very important to get rid of failure and reach the target. This is a social issue and should be thought of.

  13. 1

    Fatima D Torres

    Such a positive post. If only more people were concerned with everything.

  14. 1


    I do think we have issues when we are jealous of those around us and fight them to somehow better ourselves. That’s just sad when people do that.

  15. 1

    Jasmine M

    You spoke the truth. A lot of times people will attempt to bring other people down or try to remove them, but sometimes it is just about focusing on yourself while encouraging others. Uplifting each other and growing with each other while working on bettering your own skills is more important than focusing on tearing someone else down as a stepping stone to walk upon… but a lot of people see it as an eat or be eaten world. They don’t even realize that we can all do just fine if we work together. It’s pretty sad.

  16. 1


    I am really speechless, and i dont even know what to say here.

    Stay strong and heads high.

  17. 1


    I can feel the pain in this post. I think on all continents there is beauty in their countries and their is ugliness due to lack of resources so it can make people angry. I’m happy you at least open some eyes to the harsh realities of some people’s painful truth in Africa.

  18. 1

    Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy)

    This always saddens me when people take their problems out on others. Just try to better yourself and find other solutions x


  19. 1

    Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    Connecting to others through common experiences is what can and shall make us more involved in life and living, not just be obsessed about our personal well-being. Compassion is the key that breeds the goodness within and outside.

  20. 1


    good job, nice article…

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