Nearly every person feels lonely however how much the world is connected. The solution to loneliness is not about the number of friends that one has. It is more of the quality of the friends one has. In this article, we’ll discuss the remedies for loneliness. Remember, you don’t need alot of friends to break the chain of loneliness, you just need a few.

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Improve social skills

Loneliness is as a result of lacking interpersonal skills needed to build and maintain relationships. Teaching people how to be socially friendly and less awkward, engaging in discussions,give and take compliments will come along ways as a remedy for loneliness.

Increase social interaction

It is logical to give lonely people the opportunity of meeting other people through organized group activities. This will help them build their social interactions with other people. Engaging with people you see on a daily basis all those that you’ve been encountering and ignoring them. How about talking to them??

Do things that make you happy

If you love a particular sport or hobby, continue taking part in it even if the people around you makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, at least you’ll be enjoying the activity.

Learn to enjoy your alone time

there is always a good side of being alone. before you can be comfortable around other people, are you comfortable around yourself?

Find activities that you enjoy doing by yourself and try enjoying your alone time doing stuff that interests you.

What you should know about loneliness

Loneliness is a universal emotion that is unique to each individual and has no single common cause. It has a wide range of negative effects on both physical and mental health e. g


Increased stress level

Antisocial behavior

Poor decision making

Drug and alcohol abuse

Best solutions to a clear mind


  1. Someone told me if you want to succeed you must be alone and feel lonely thats when you can make right choices in life e.g the kings in order for them to make right decision they were isolating themselves thanks fot the article

  2. Definitely a great advice to give to a person who have issue with this but I am glad that me being alone or not is not my problem and I am happy being alone most of the time.

  3. I agree that if you feel lonely you should interact with people but sometimes is easier said than done. For someone that is an introvert would be very hard to leave the house and make friends or talk to strangers.

  4. Now and then, I do feel loneliness because I am alone by myself in my apartment in the weekend (trying to recharge from working with kids all week). But then, I find activities to do that help me find new friends. Loneliness is not a bad thing if you learn to deal with it with small doses.

  5. Loneliness can be very unhealthy if it is too much. Being an introvert, I love solitude but sometimes it gets over my head.

  6. Yeah I agree it can be taxing i.e. loneliness, its difficult to get friends who can guard your back and also near and dear ones..have seen some very tough times. Thanks to my family and wife now I am packed with people around now 🙂 I am ever grateful to my wife for being such an wonderful partner in life to me…:-) thanks for such an post, brings back a lot of memories in me…:-)

  7. Thank you for sharing. It is very important to learn how to open up to people but also enjoy spending time alone with ourselves and our own thoughts.

  8. There are different kinds of loneliness and the one that is destructive is for sure needs to be taken care of. Kind loving people around is the best remedy.

  9. I totally agree.. When you love what you are doing then that means you are in the right path. Life is short to let loneliness lead you.

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