life is full of challenges. Not every person meets these challenges with confidence. Others do struggle to overcome them. We don’t always have control of the challenges that come our way, but we always are in control of how we interpret it as well as how we respond to the challenge. Have you ever thought of the value of life challenges??

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The value of life challenges. Courtesy Biwot’s blog

Challenges and problems are an important part of life that gives you experience, make you learn and help you become wiser and stronger.

The biggest problem with most of us is that we hope for a life free of challenges. That is practically impossible and it would dead to a boring life. No challenge is big as many see them. The difference comes in on how people handle them and this is why only a few are able to see the value of life challenges.

Gives us experience

Challenges don’t need to be a significant life changing goal,it can be relatively small task and it’s important setting our goals as challenges thereby building our experience in our field of expertise and not taking the challenges as a set back but as a stepping stone in gaining more knowledge.

Makes one learn

Challenges enables one learn to do things that may have seemed uncomfortable, challenging or difficult. Challenges equips one with different skills that helps in dealing with any sort of difficulties and also knowing that failure is part of success.

Helps you become wiser and stronger

Many are afraid of challenges as they are unable to make the right decisions not knowing what to do during a difficult situation. Challenges helps one acquire necessary knowledge in different kind of situations and becoming a problem solver. Not dealing with challenges will not allow acquire such skills

Makes your achievements even sweater

The roots of labour are bitter but the fruits are definitely sweet. Achievements are more valuable when you had to endure pain and struggle to reach to the point that you are in than jumping through to the finish line. Success is always about the journey and not the destination.

Helps cultivate more gratitude and compassion

The sad truth is that we don’t know the value of what we have till we loose it. Challenges opens our eyes to the things that are really important and also teaches us to be grateful for what we have. It more so help us relate better and more compassionate to others.

Never run or hide from challenges that come your way. Face them with the greatest confidence and the lesson learnt from the encounter will be of value in your personal experience and growth.

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with challenges. I know there is so much growth that comes from challenges. But it sure is hard while going through the challenges.

  2. I think that all things that come in life should be taken as lessons. Bad experiences always teach as a lesson and we should grow with every single one of them.

  3. Challenges are great to help us to grow and become a better person! Challenges can hard and tough at times, but they have great incomes!

  4. Great post! I like this part “The roots of labour are bitter but the fruits are definitely sweet.” So true with life and it’s challenges… thanks for sharing ❤

  5. This would be excellent reading material for today’s college students (I work in higher ed). I think far too many
    people expect to skate by without challenges meeting them.

  6. Life will always have its uo and downs and learning to appreciate challenges in life can be very rewarding.

  7. Such a nice and very well written post to read. I do agree with everything that you’ve mentioned above and yes, challenges teaches us a lessons and lead us to learning.

  8. I completely agree! Life challenges help prepare you and shape you for the future. There are always positives to negative experiences which is usually some sort of growth.

  9. I love this post. I just blogged about my own issues this morning. Your blog gave me insight. It also lets me know it’s okay what I’m experiencing. Thanks

  10. Absolutely agree! I’m on my own journey which I blog about and challenges (facing the fear) are all part and parcel of excelling and growth!

  11. I agree with everything you’ve just said! Life is complicated and sometimes messy, but it’s how we learn and grow from those moments which are important! Thanks for sharing!

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