Sometimes we come to the point where we feel overwhelmed by everything happening around us that we feel like we are going explode. This requires best solutions to a clear mind as ERIKA OPPENHEIMER quoted “having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose. “

Having a clear mind and a clear space

1. Confide in a friend

Sharing your problem with your friend is a great way to reduce the pressure. Talking things out can come a long way in getting a solution to the problem. Its always good to have a shoulder to lean on and as they say a problem shared is a problem half solved. This way they can help you with solutions to solving the problem.

2. Listen to music

Listening to music gives you that opportunity to get away from problems without actually being away. This is a nice way of gaining peace of mind away from all the challenges and also gives you an opportunity to think and come up with a solution to the issues that are affecting you.

3. Read books

Alot can be achieved through reading. Through reading, you will be able to gain new knowledge in how to tackling the problem or ways of not letting the issues affect you and at the same time, giving you a chance to having a clear mind.

4. Express your thoughts through what you love

You can express your thoughts through writing, drawing or any way that works for you. This way you can have something to reflect upon and at the same time find yourself a solution.

5. Exercise

Sometimes it’s better to just get away from everything and focus on yourself. Any kind of exercise can be really good in getting a clear mind and reducing stress. Always create time to focus on yourself and avoid any distractions.

6. Changes of environment

This can really come a long way in clearing your mind and get focused. You can choose a place that suits your taste and a place that you feel can be really of help in giving you a clear mind. As they say change is as good as rest.

7. Go for a stroll

At times all you need is a little break from whatever you are doing. Taking a few minutes walk to get some fresh air can come along way to clearing your mind.

Challenges will always be there in our lives and some point you might feel like giving up is the best option. There will always be obstacles that will come your way. It’s always good to find the best solutions to a clear mind and have inorder to avoid stress to be healthy and productive.

Clearing up your mind can vary from one person to another. It’s upon you to figure out what works best for you.

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  1. I like to combine music, exercise, and a stroll together by taking a nice long walk with my favorite playlist. It really helps me center myself and sort of flush out the stress of the day. Plus, there are few things as relaxing as exploring nature a beautiful day.

  2. Love your post! Writing my thoughts out is one of my ways of clearing my mind and calming myself. I have a diary, and whenever I feel troubled I write my feelings out in it! It always helps! I also try to open up to my family members about anything that’s bothering me! It’s hard because I’m not good at sharing my feelings. Thankfully my family is very good at reading me! And they are so supportive! They are always encouraging me to open up!

  3. I know listening to music and taking a walk helps me clear my mind. Also watching a funny show helps too. Laughing is definitely one of the best medicines for clearing your mind.

  4. When some circumstances come, I prefer to silence my mind by doing some of the mentioned solutions. And they are effective to me.

  5. 6 does it for me. So long i have them and trust in the process. I am good to fo. Aswel. First thing is to trust myself and the process and all things will fall in place and be in other… Glad u read this again as i sure needed some relief and assurance.

  6. Walking help me the most if I need to think of something, to make my mind more clear by solving some issues. if I have too many thoughts running around in my head because I am generally too worried or too excited about something music or a good talk with a friend helps me most

  7. This is a excellent reminder of some great solutions if you are felling overwhelmed. I love talking to a friend when I’m feeling overwhelmed, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a friend, just talking it out help me.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Pausing to take stock and think about our motivation for doing things is so important. This was a great read, thanks

  9. Thanks for sharing for me and my clients is being in the moment and learning how to meditate. With the right meditation skills you can ealrn to let go of the distracting and sabotaging thoughts

  10. In this chaotic world, where everything can be done in the click of a fingers, we need to focus in order for us to put order in our lives. these tips are great help. hope to read something like this in the future

  11. Reading and listening to music are big ones for me! I always enjoy coloring as it helps me clear my mind and just concentrate on my art.

  12. These are helpful tips. Meditating and telling my concerns thru my bestfriend helps me to clear my mind.

  13. I think people pride themselves of being so productive and busy they dont realize their brains are cluttered. These are amazing tips on how to clear your mind to be more healthy and balanced.

  14. I know how important it is to recharge every now and then. You’ve managed to clearly set a workable number of tips to make sure our body and soul are tranquil.

  15. I think getting some good exercise or getting a hike out there in nature really helps a lot. Confiding in a friend does help sometime as well but it depends on the conversation and if I have allowed my venting to release the underlying tension.

  16. Yes you are right and thank you for sharing… Having a clear mind is very important for us to think what is much better for any situations we have in life.
    All your tips are great and helpful but what I did was I shared my thoughts to my family and friends, read the Bible, listened to Christian songs and prayed fervently.

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