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Why you always lying

We lie for many reasons. Some lie to protect their families and their loved ones, to avoid shame, to fit in other people’s circles to portray a good image to the world, to hide our flaws, to earn favours……………… Have you ever asked yourself why you always lying?

If people lie so much, does it mean it works? Where does all gained from lying takes us? If we oftenly lie does it mean there is more good to lying than what we stand to gain if we go by the truth? Is there so much to loose in standing for the truth? Has lying become a new Way of survival? People lying it has reached a point where they’re not afraid of the consequences If they are discovered. Does it mean that they feel safer in lying than in telling the truth?

It really is sad to see to see some people tend to lie all the time even when they don’t have to. Worst of all, is that even the younger ones are lying to avoid being punished. Has it come to the point where people have forgotten that by telling the truth you don’t have to remember anything?

moreover, it is sad knowing that we are building a generation where we are not sure if we have role models who our kids can look up to. A generation where telling our kids this and that is wrong when ourselves we are struggling to put on a show, when the doctor he/she looks up to lies to the patients for money, when politicians lie in people’s faces for their personal gain………….

It is high time we build a generation where consequences of lies should not be as simple as we make it seem by not actually acting on the root cause . A generation where our children should be able to understand that lying has adverse effects to both themselves and the ones lied to. We should build a place where our kids should be able to see the benefits of honesty and the impact it has. Where we can be able to to put a stop to people trying to lie to our faces.

damages lying can cause

when one lies, it’s obvious they put their own self interests first with the unwillingness of making greater sacrifices of telling the truth for a long term greater good.

  1. lying creates trust issues
  2. Keeps one from adressing the main issue
  3. breaks friendship
  4. Creates a sense of insecurity

There are a thousand effects of lying. Even those little white lies they can be much destructive than they may seem. I was lied to for 4 years by someone I thought to be a friend. Everyday it was something new. I don’t wish to be like him, neither would I wish the same on anyone.

Ways to stop lying

  1. Admit to having a problem : This is a very big step and difficult at the same time. We should try find someone to confide in no matter how big the problem might be. Sometimes it might seem to put a dent on your pride but this can be a reminder whenever one wants to tell a lie.
  2. Make a confession : It’s always good to confess your sins before God. He knows of all the lies one has told big or small. And also ask him for help in curbing the habit.
  3. Practice honesty : Always think before telling a lie. Think about the other person and try putting yourself in their shoes. Think of how you’d feel if in their position. That way, you’ll understand that however how much painful it might be to tell the truth, it’s always good to tell the truth.
  4. Be yourself : If you find yourself trying just to cover up for your shortcomings, then you really need to work on being honest with yourself and not be driven by other people’s expectations.

“A single lie discovered is enough to create a doubt in every truth expressed. “

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  1. 1

    Rocky Stephen

    Mostly for protection

    1. 1


      I agree. Although it can be habit-forming, too. It becomes damaging when done at the expense of other people.

  2. 1

    Paul B. Taubman, II

    I try not to lie – I have fund that when you lie, you will typically need to tell another lie in order to cover the original lie. And then another. And another. Before long, I end up forgetting the lies and would get in trouble.

    For me, it is easier to tell the truth and be honest.

  3. 1

    Art & Home

    There are different kinds of lies, from large to small, but I think we’ve gotten so good at automatically telling people what they want to hear that we don’t even think about it.

  4. 1

    Theresa Racer

    Whatever my shortcomings may be, I can take comfort in the fact that I’ve raised a son who absolutely cannot tell a lie. He’s 10 years old, but has already figured out how to combine tact with brutal honesty.

  5. 1


    No one talks about how addictive lying can get and how it is a karmic habit if one stops doing can change many things in their life !

  6. 1

    Crystal Grasso (Ward)

    This was a really good read. I agree, we need to lay down a better foundation for this generations children. One where the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, is applauded. One where lies have no place.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the leaders have fallen into the trap of feeling comfortable lying in order to profit off of their lies. Lying only gets you one thing…. a tangled mess that will always crumble in the end.

    Though, I will admit there are times I let anxious thoughts cloud my better judgment and will white lie in the heat of the moment. On a good note, it’s easier to catch myself now and correct my wrong doing. Everyone has their moments.

    I think people lie out of fear or protection or out of a habit they created to get to where they want to go. Either way, it’s unhealthy. As you said it damages trust, relationships, insecurity, and more.

    Admitting a problem is always the first step in bettering one’s self from their trust can be rebuilt. Sometimes even stronger than before.

    Awesome post!!!

  7. 1

    Jasmine M

    I feel like a lot of people lie to themselves along with lying to other people. They don’t want to realize their flaws and they want to portray themselves in a certain way a lot of the time. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way most people are.

  8. 1


    I agree. Lying definitely creates trust issues and can tear apart relationships. I find that when you lie, you need to keep track of the lie, and you’re more likely to end up lying more to cover up the initial lie. It’s not worth it.

  9. 1

    Patricia M

    interesting article. It makes us all analyze our flaws.

  10. 1


    I think that everybody lies, some more than others. Some people are not even realising when they lie. And… don’t we all lie when someone is asking how are we doing?

  11. 1


    Some people also lie to continue using others for their selfish reasons and this worst type of lies that I actually know

  12. 1


    Thank you for this honest and real post! Great read

  13. 1

    Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy)

    It’s so true lying can brake families and ruin friendships. You are making great points


  14. 1

    You, Me and Benny

    I know some people who need to read this and learn. It’s so obvious and I am like look I know you’re lying – why is it so easy to do!

  15. 1


    I know so many people who lie so much that they start to believe their own lies. It’s really sad.

  16. 1

    GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I detest liars. Cannot stand them. I do not associate myself with them either.

  17. 1


    Honesty is the most important thing to me.

  18. 1


    Very interesting post! As much as I make it a point not to lie to people in my life, I find that who I am always lying to is myself. The little lies that something is ok when it’s not, or that I’m fine when I am not fine at all. Those are the lies that tend to be the most damaging.

  19. 1


    Interesting read. Lying sometimes becomes a habit which is sometimes not good for anyone.

  20. 1

    TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    We lie because it was either what we did is illegal or we fear that we are going to be judged.

  21. 1


    Great points! Many times we lie to not hurt other people’s feelings or to keep some child fantasy such as Christmas or the Tooth Fairy.

  22. 1

    Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    There are pathological liars and those who make excuses for this or that reason or of fear. Great post!

  23. 1


    I have always believed that lying eventually catches up with a person. The best thing to do is to be honest!

  24. 1


    I know there could be a good reason to not tell someone something but to lie consistently all the time is unhealthy. I had a friend who was a pathological liar she just always made up things and it started to effect our friendship

  25. 1

    Olya Amanova

    There are times when lie is a necessity – to protect the feelings or even emotional and physical health. This topic is too deep to dive with just an hour worth of air.

  26. 1

    Devy - Thousands Of Miles Away

    I wish everybody in this world stop lying. Wouldn’t it make life better and easier? This should be everyone’s contemplating subject. Including myself.

  27. 1

    Polly Amora

    I’m a actually opposite of this. Hahaha! I’m that #BluntFriend who’d rather tell you things straight up than sugarcoat sh*t – My family and friends sometimes wish I’d just shut up. Lmao! But, I think lying is both good and bad (it depends on the situation). Good as to protect others’ feelings and bad because… Lying is a form of deception. And deceiving people is a form of manipulation.

  28. 1

    Jackson Cyprian

    Be yourself and stop living a fake life

  29. 1


    I think there are definitely different types of lies – and sometimes they’re okay. If you’re lying about huge things in your life, though, you should have a sit down and think about why.

  30. 1

    Kimberly Mason

    I try to stay honest, due to the problems you outline, but sometimes honesty can get you in as much or more trouble. It’s all about balance, and really understanding the people you communicate with.

  31. 1

    My Vegetarian Roots

    wow, such honest post. Loved reading it! Thank you for sharing!

  32. 1

    momi berlin

    this is a brave post to talk about lies and the reasons for resorting to lying. love that you also included ways to present such bad act.

  33. 1


    I lie sometimes because I don’t want be guilty of something. I know if I am found guilty, I might suffer consequences. When I was a kid, it was getting punished or getting the belt. I never wanted that, so I try to lie or find an excuse.

  34. 1


    Lying is the ultimate sin for me, once someone lied to me, mu trust can never be the same again.

  35. 1

    Jessica A

    My boyfriend lies so much (not to me) to other people. he calls it gbanaman (hes from Ghana) I think he may have an addiction lol haha I tell him all the time. You know this is lying. he says “lol no its not its just switching it with another truth” ooookaaayyyyy

  36. 1

    blair villanueva

    Let’s face it – not everyone can accept truths, too vulnerable to handle it, so the people around them uses white lies. As long as you know how to control and handle it, then its okay.

  37. 1

    Adventures with Shelby

    This is interesting to think about!

  38. 1

    Sanjota Purohit

    Sometimes lies helps to protect people whom we care. Hence lies for good cause are not bad.

  39. 1


    How about lying in exigent situation ? is it would the basis to make us being a liar

  40. 1


    good job, nice article

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  41. 1

    hanifa yusliha

    because lying is??


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