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Being a risk taker

To be a risk taker, it requires alot of courage to face the uncertainty. The good thing with being a risk taker is that whatever the outcome, you learn and grow. Moreover, along the way you biuld your skills which will contribute to your growth and in achieving your goals. Have you ever asked yourself why you need to be a risk taker?

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. ” Helen Keller. You’ll never know what is on the other side of life unless you take a step towards it. Sometimes it may seem scary due to the uncertainty but believe you me, Ooops!! Sounds better than what if?.

Few months back I decided to start blogging after thinking that I needed to do something constructive with my free time. I had little knowledge in blogging but I was willing to take the chance and gain knowledge as I continue and finally it’s starting to pay off. Many of my friends thought it wasn’t a good idea and that I was wasting my time but I knew all along there is no harm in trying.

Here are reasons why you need to be a risk taker.

  1. Pushes you to greatness: taking risks allows you to take action and go behind the goals you’ve always dreamt of achieving. When you learn to take risks for your dream life, you’ll grow. When you make a move towards taking risks you’ll realise how beneficial it can be.
  2. Exposure to more opportunities : Dreams will always be dreams unless we set out to do something to achieve them. Taking risks will always avail new possibilities and opportunities. The fear of taking risk will always make one stagnate.
  3. Builds confidence : Risk taking boosts self confidence. The more risks we take the more resilient we are. Being a risk taker is not always to ensure our success. Sometimes it’s to boost our confidence.
  4. Acquire more knowledge : They say experience is the best teacher. Learn your own lessons then you’ll truly know knowledge gained from taking risks becomes a part of your life and wisdom that will always guide you each day. This you cannot learn from a class or from refraining from taking risks.
  5. It’s rewarding : Everyday we come across people we term to be lucky and that great things favours them. NO!! ,they’re not lucky. They are just reaping the fruits of the risks they took. Behind every success there’s a story behind it and that includes risks and sacrifices.

Life itself is a risk. We never know what tomorrow holds for us. We should not be afraid to take risks for the fear of the consequences. To be successful you’ll have to be flexible, optimistic and open to gaining new knowledge and try new things.

The first risk is being willing to overcome your fears that is holding you back. This way, you’ll be able to experience different possibilities grow your confidence and gain new knowledge. Always remember, no one grows in comfort zone .

I’d love to hear your story, please share in the comments section below.

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  1. 1

    Paul B. Taubman, II

    I find that I like to take calculated risks and not be a daredevil risk taker. TO me, the difference is knowing the downside of what can happen if the risk does now work out. If the consequences are not too detrimental compared to the upside if it does work out, then I may be willing to take the risk.

    On the other hand, if the consequences are unknown, I probably will not go for it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. 1


    I have a comfort zone and I know that to grow and learn I need to move outside of my comfort zone. I don’t want to live outside my comfort zone but I want to expand it by learning new things, not being attached to me making mistakes (often we learn more when we make mistakes!), being patient with myself and celebrating my wins!! Cheers!!

  3. 1


    Courage is one of things we battle with the most ! Not only with our actions but more importantly with our thoughts !

  4. 1

    Rhonda Albom

    Like the adage: “No pain, no gain”, you need to push the limits and take risks or just stay put and be left behind.

  5. 1


    If you take risks and you are facing your fears, you know that you are on the right path to be becoming the better you. Don’t let people leave you stuck in the familiar. Get close to the unfamiliar!

  6. 1


    I wouldn’t say I am a risk taker, but I do identify and take opportunities when they come. I think before though, I don’t take any risks that could hurt my life or anyone in it.

  7. 1


    Sometimes due to social pressure we stop taking risks in life …but it’s important to take risk if you beleive in your dream!!

  8. 1

    Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    I think that risk taking is knowing a difference between what is safe and what is really needed in our life in the moment to live the future bigger and better.

  9. 1

    TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    Without taking risks, we will not see our strengths and capabilities. Thanks for reminding us.

  10. 1


    You do need to be a risk taker. Because if you aren’t willing to risk, you will never be able to grow. You have to step outside yourself if you want to grow.

  11. 1

    Polly Amora

    I agree with this! If you want to learn and grow, you have to take the leap of fate. It can be daunting at first but little by little you’ll realize that hey… this isn’t so bad! Magic happens outside of our comfort zone. So take that risk, you’ll thank yourself a year after and you’ll discover more of yourself – traits, skills and talents that you didn’t know you have. Trust me, I’ve been there and couldn’t be happier. <3

  12. 1

    Simon Starchevsky

    Absolutely 100% on target with you on this one. Taking appropriate risk is the only way to move forward and achieve. Earlier in my life, I was mostly risk-averse, opting for safer options. As I have matured, I understand that nothing will change to achieve your goals without taking appropriate risk.

  13. 1

    Kimberly Mason

    Taking risks is so exciting and a great way to move forward and achieve your goals.

  14. 1

    Sushmita Malakar (@sushmitamalakar)

    The most difficult step is to take that risk, the consequences are of course, unpredictable but to gather that courage – it’s difficult!

  15. 1

    Marjie Mare

    That is awesome and quite an interesting list of tips. Sometimes, we let fear consumes us and avoid taking risks, or we decide to remain in our comfort zone. Thanks for sharing. this.

  16. 1

    Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy)

    I should be more risk taker in my life, so this was very motivating post. Thank you x

    Pink Frenzy

  17. 1

    Luna S

    I agree that sometimes it is beneficial to be a risk taker! Great points and post.

  18. 1


    I am all about Taking risks. I love taking leaps of faith and working really hard to make things. I feel like if you don’t try then you’ll never know.

  19. 1


    I love taking risks too after weighing down the situation and knowing the consequences.

  20. 1

    My Vegetarian Roots

    i believe that there is no growth without taking any risks in your life! great post. thank you for sharing!

  21. 1

    Elizabeth O

    It’ s good to be a risk taker. I believe to attain one’s goal, one must have the courage to go outside of the box.

  22. 1

    Adventures with Shelby

    I agree there is no reward without at least some risk!


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