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Story of my life.

Being a last born in my family and a mama’s boy has been one of my greatest challenges. However how much I struggled to fit in with the others, for the better part of my high school life I was judged harshly. The normal and simple life that I was used to in my junior schooling years was no more. Everything had turned into a night mare and behind the fake smile I always put on, there are a thousand times more tears behind the scenes.

Coming from a middle class family in a family of four and being the only one at school and the last born, it wasn’t a struggle for my single mum to provide for me everything I wanted. Moreover, as her best friend and her favorite, she made sure I never lacked and with a bit of health issues, she made sure I had access to a healthier meal and not the normal school meals….. “in school they called it special meal. ” this was just to ensure that I could study without any health interference. Any mom would do that for his/her child.

The nice meals,enough personal effects and a good sum of upkeep money was everyone’s dream in high school. I had all that. Little did I know that this would be the genesis of my problems.

With my mum having provided everything I would need, what more could I have done than to work hard and make her proud? I made sure I topped in my class like any other child this is the best way to put a smile on a parent’s face. I had to do just that as a thank you to her.

My first term was smooth. Everything had taken cause. What more would I have asked for than a peaceful life in school to be able to achieve my dreams of being a doctor? The first term went by and came the second.

It was on a Monday night at 10pm after the evening preps. This is when my little world would start crumbling. We used to have prayers after the evening preps before going to bed and like any other highschool in Kenya, you wouldn’t miss having that prayerful student who would lead in prayers.

This time the environment was a bit tense “Mtumishi” (servant) as we used to call him came with a strange announcement. “Today the Lord spoke to me and told me that our school is under attack by members of the Illuminati. ” he stated. “This boy seems to have a lot of money and lives an expensive life around school and has the motive of sacrificing some of our fellow students and so we should be very prayerful. “

well, I used to hear such stories even before joining high school so it wasn’t new and so I never paid much attention to the allegations. This became the topic of the school and believe you me, I also contributed to the small discussion that happened between friends I mean who wouldn’t? In any case it was the trending story anyway I wouldn’t miss one or two comments.

The worst part is that I was these claims not knowing that I was actually the topic of discussion and I was the only one in the dark about it. A population of around 600 students and 50 staff and surbodinate staff I was known by everyone and not in a good way. Myself I had no idea. The stories were too magnified and like any other I was interested in knowing who it was.

A month went by and usually such stories could have cooled off but this wasn’t the case. The claims were still heating up. On a Monday morning in the Month of June 2015, I was called to the deputy principals office. Being a good performer and a disciplined student, I didn’t hesitate knowing I was not in any trouble. With me two of my friends were also called to the deputy’s office well friends who this time round turned to be witnesses. “So Biwott, tell us the truth. ” The deputy spoke. Well, even if it were you I bet you wouldn’t have answered as I had no fucking idea of what he was talking about………….


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    Loki Stephen


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    Art & Home

    Nice way to leave your readers in suspense! School can be a very challenging time in anyone’s life, and I don’t mean because of the classrooms!

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    Corinne Rodrigues

    Very interesting!

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    Ahhhhh I wanna know what is gonna happen next…I can’t wait ughhhhh…Amazing story.

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    that is sad… not to know that you are the one in the hot seat.

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    I’m sorry you went through this. it would be awful to hear everyone talking bad about some one and then find out they were talking about you. Please post the rest of the story.

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    TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    Hope you are all ok now.

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    Pink Frenzy/Öku Möku (@Pink_Frenzy)

    Thank you for sharing this story with us, so moving x

    Pink Frenzy

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    Suspense! Good read❤

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    Thank you for the story, it is really good.

    Loved the suspense angle, it was just perfect.

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    Jasmine - Blogging and Living

    It is truly unfortunate that these rumors spun into something serious. I am sorry you had to deal with this. I am about to keep reading this story though because I am extremely curious to see what happened next based on these events.

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    Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    I love reading stories from the life’s experiences from different countries and continents. Africa is one of the most “closed” worlds that is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

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    Lush Fab Glam

    So sad that rumor and gossip can take on a life of their own. Looking forward to reading the rest of your story.

    XO, MJ


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