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Behind the scenes (part one)

I”Am sorry sir. I don’t really know what you’d want me to tell you if I did, I would have already told you” I replied. Well it really is sad knowing that sometimes parents leave their children in the hands of teachers some who are quick to judge even without getting to know the basis of the allegations.

The deputy principal had just been transferred to the school recently. Apart from being a teacher he was also man of God with his level of education and also the experience that he had I obviously expected him to handle the issue in the right manner I bet you know what I mean by that but that wasn’t the case here I mean even without knowing what I was charged of, I was already found quilt.

“Do you know I can expell you for this Biwot? I thought you’re one of the best students in the school but I never saw this coming.” He shouted. I humbly requested him to tell me what the issue was at least that way I’d be able to defend myself anyone in my position would have done the same.

“So you mean to tell me that you have no idea when for months you’ve been the talk of the school everyone knows and even the parents want you expelled from the school.” Wait, what? This came to me as high shock I had alot of questions to ask like how, when did this turned to be me. This is the time I wished I was dreaming but no, it wasn’t a dream.

Worst of all the “friends” well that’s what I thought they were, weren’t there for my defence rather they were there to crucify me for something I had no fucking idea of. And more so, had evidence to backup their allegations.

I really can’t explain how someone twice my age someone am suppose to look up to, someone my parent is not suppose to be worried since am leafting his care could be so dump. Am sorry to say this but it’s just the fact. I mean,this was a fucking boarding school fenced with enough security and the only way out was through the manned gate unless, there was a way I could teleport myself out of the school because according to them, my nights were never spent in school. That ain’t dump enough the deputy principal practically believed that I never run out of snacks and other personal effects. I mean yes I had a caring mum so she obviously had everything figured out but to them, it seems they were falling from heaven like manner. Well, for me I only know this happened during the time of deliberation of Israelites by Moses. Funny right??

Behind the scenes part two
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behind the scenes part two
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    So curious to see how this turns out!

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    Loki Stephen

    Well point noted jealousy has taken over schools but your parent was also wrong he was spoiling

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    It’s hard to be in such a situation. Can’t wait to read the rest of it ❤

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    Elizabeth O

    The story is so exciting ..Can’t wait for the next part.

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    Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Great article my friend but you should install Grammarly. 🙂

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    Ceci Rey

    You have left me hanging…It is hard to believe that this goes on, but it does. Even in this country, parents and teachers are quick to judge…which is sad! Can/t wait to read what happens next!

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    Marjie Mare

    I enjoy reading your post and I can’t wait for the next part.

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    hanifa yusliha

    I really can’t explain how someone twice my age someone am suppose to look up to,


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