they say what you choose to name your little one reveals more about the parent’s personality and that of the child. Child naming is a very big decision since the child will carry the name for the rest of his/her life. I wish my name reflected more of me or said more about my personality but it’s sad to say that ain’t the case since am always haunted by the ghosts of BIWOTT. If that’s how best I can explain it.

Born in a family of a Kenyan father and mother and my dad being from the kalenjin community, it was his duty to give me the name that I was going to bare for the rest of my life. I was given the name BIWOTT because of the season around which I was born. This was during the rainy season.

I know my dad had no intention of giving me a name that would rather raise questions whenever I mentioned my name. A name that would require alot of courage to carry around. A name that on the mention of it, brings up the image of someone else rather than reflecting more of me.

Sadly, I was given a name that weighs more than what I could carry, a name that to some reflected success, hard work and prosperity but to some it reflected evil. Am really not sure where the name BIWOTT puts me though.

Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono Arap BIWOTT, was a very famous business man, politician and a philanthropist. That can tell you much about the mention of the name BIWOTT around the Kenyan streets. Well, the mention of my name out there reflects more of him than of me. For me I can’t tell much about BIWOTT than what the internet can tell me. That’s the much access I have to the person that gives my life troubles that I know nothing about, the ghosts that keeps haunting me for no reason, the person who makes me have no peace bearing the name BIWOTT.

Ghosts of biwott
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Ghosts of biwott

So I entered a bank in Kilifi county in Kenya to open account and on the mention of the name BIWOTT, believe you me, getting out of the bank was not just with the newly opened bank account but also with a tone of insults and baseless accusations. “So you people think that you own this country and can parade anywhere in this country? The attendant stated.

Well at first I thought it wasn’t me. I mean no one in my family is into politics anyway. “BIWOTT huh! You people grabbed my family’s land years back and you’re here walking freely everywhere in the country filling your bank accounts with people’s money? ” what the Fuck?? I mean, yeah I’m biwott but how does that relate me to BIWOTT famously known as the “total man”??

To be continued….

32 thoughts on “THE GHOSTS OF BIWOTT (PART 1)

  1. I’ve always known about Biwott for being a politician and business man but didn’t know some of the things you mentioned here. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m so sorry about this. It must be really hard to bear such burden with a name. I am not familiar with Biwott nor his history, but it seems like he’s caused pain on many people.

    I guess what I can tell you is that, I pray you get to give a new meaning to the name. Nevertheless, do not let the shadow overcome you. God Bless!

  3. Very interesting, my name means ‘ Pure Friend ‘ and I never really thought about that dictating any decision I’ve made. I like the meaning though. ‘Katie’ is such a common name that I don’t think anyone associates it with any one person.

  4. I’ve never heard about the Biwott history before but I’m sorry to hear that your name is little bit burden. Every persons has different and such unique personality and I know your have a good heart 🙂

  5. What an interesting story surrounding your name. Thank you for sharing! That is a lot to carry around, the injustice of someone else.

  6. You always manage to find something curious to share. I didn’t know that about Biwott. If so happened with your name try to keep it positive.

  7. It’s interesting to read how a name can bear so much sorrow because of other people who is it shared with. I’m sorry you are seen in a negative way because you have the same name as someone who has done bad things.

  8. First time hearing about Biwott and got me very intrested about his story. Thanks for sharing your story as well in your posts it was quiet an intresting read.

  9. First time to hear about it and it sounds really interesting. I want to know and learn more about, I will surely wait for your next article.

  10. I feel your pain somewhat. My last name is Braun, and a lot of people think I am related to Eva Braun. And I am like no, my great-grandpa came to the US before 1930s.

  11. It’s the first time that I’ve read about this name and it’s sad that it’s causing you trouble. I hope you continue to be positive about it. Sometimes it sucks that people judge others based on their names/last names.

  12. I could never imagine being constantly associated with a name that has been marked. People never let you live.

  13. I never hear about this name before but I’m sorry that it is affecting you that much! I wish you all the best!!

  14. I really did know about this but it is a really interesting story. I agree with you give a name to a child it is very important since it will be with him/her for the rest of his/her life.

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