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Why can't they be happy for me?
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We live in a world where not everyone will celebrate your success or achievements. Sometimes, it comes to the point that even those that that you thought you were too tight don’t celebrate that might be life changing for you. If a person can’t be happy for your accomplishments, when you are in a good relationship they are definitely not decent people. I know most of us have severally asked themselves this question. Why can’t they be happy for me??

This are the kinds of people who will wish to drag you down. The kind who’ll only rejoice when your relationship fails, when you loose your job. This are the ones who’ll pretend to be there for you in Your hard times not because they are there for you, but because they enjoy seeing your life in a mess, they enjoy seeing your marriage fall apart. These are the kinds of people who are insecure when you succeed they don’t wish for you to have more than they do. They are the kind that that feel that everything you do, every bit of your achievements has to relate back to them. They’d feel that every opportunity that comes your way was meant for them.

Reasons why some people might not be happy for your success

  1. You took risks : For every success, along the way you might have to drop some negative friends, you might have taken risks that others saw it wasn’t worth taking. As you made such choices, those that disagreed with you will definitely have been left behind and when you succeed, these people will definitely be unhappy for you.
  2. You got out of your comfort zone : many people are okay with their current state of life and never try making their lives even better. So when you set out to better your life, your achievements will make them unhappy as they’ll envy your progress.
  3. They have inflexible expectations : These are the kinds of people who get anxious when the performance of what they do gives results opposite of what they expect.
  4. They feel inadequate : These are the kinds of people who start questioning their skills whenever you go a step ahead of them. They envy you and feel like they have failed. Their feelings of inadequacy makes them even more unhappy as they feel like they’ll be left behind.

How to deal with those not happy for your success

  1. Be inclusive : always try hard to include them in your projects. Make them see that for you to succeed, their support matters alot
  2. Offer them opportunities : give them that chance to be able to get out of their comfort zone and do something for themselves. Make them see that they do have the ability to achieve more than what they have.
  3. Praise their achievements : however how small their achievements are, praise them and make them see that however how small their stride is, they are headed somewhere.
  4. Thank them for the part they play: always be thankful to them for being there. Even just their presence matters alot as they are those that watch you grow.
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    Dalene Ekirapa

    Sometimes, people aren’t happy for others just because normally, they haven’t an opportunity to do their thing. So when it comes to providing them with opportunities, that’s plus- as long as you can and they are genuinely interested.

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    Karen Sammer

    I think people like the ones you are describing compare themselves unfavorably to those who achieve more than they do. They would rather tear you down than do something to raise themselves up. Don’t let them. Good post. Thanks.

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    loki Stephen

    Thanks for the article l have been following your articles and realised that your blogs are changing my life thanks bro


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