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The walking dead
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I don’t know if it’s just me that realized this but quite a number of schools in Kenya have their own version of strange happenings most especially boarding schools. I’ve never gotten to understand the reason behind the stories, neither do I know if they are true but believe you me these stories scares the hell out of newbies.

So I got enrolled to a boarding school in the year 2010. You just don’t know how much I rejoiced for this as I featured a great life away from home chores and also from mum’s constant nagging. But my bubble was busted the moment I met my new friend. I don’t know if whatever he told me were just made up stories or they really did happen but believe you me this are the times that you get so scared that sleeping while holding the Bible and the Holy rosary was the option I mean nothing is too much for God to handle. If the ghosts, the walking dead or whatever those things were came I had to be ready for a fight.

So in the middle of the night at around 1am, we were woken up by a scream from one of the students. I can’t explain how everyone one got outside. One moment it was everyone in their peaceful sleep and the next was everyone running. To be honest I didn’t hear the boy screaming but everyone was running and obviously I never wanted to be the one to tell the story of whatever made everyone run. We only came to realize after everything was calm that we were running away from just a scream or can I just say we were running from ourselves. I really don’t know a better way of putting it.

When asked why he screamed scaring everyone, he claimed to have seem a woman in heels walking around the dormitory. I mean seriously?? I just wasted twenty minutes of my sleep running away from this? I wonder if what he saw was either a ghost or the walking dead but in my opinion it was none of those. Like when did the Walking Dead start being so comfortable in heels like some sought of a model I bet if it really was then they’d be staggering I guess or did ghosts start walking on the ground??

Am not saying this didn’t scare the hell out of me but at the same time, it sounded dump. This is around that time when I was hit by reality that the life I imagined in boarding school was like a wish that was never granted. This is when I felt like calling my mum telling her that she was right I couldn’t handle life in boarding school. But who was my pride to let me do that.

Weeks went by and everything was calm around school. What best environment would I ask for than this? But just when I started getting comfortable is when I had to wake up to my colleague students crowded at the football pitch. It wasn’t during school games or anything close to that so I got curious and went closer just to get a glimpse of whatever was happening.

“Hey Biwott, can you see those two old men in the middle of the field? ” one of my classmate approached me and asked. What the fuck?? Is he high or what? Two old men in the middle of the field, seated chatting at 6am in the morning or did I wake up blind?? Because I couldn’t see anyone apart from the goal posts and the markings around the field which looked nothing close to even an image of a human being let alone two old men.

Moreover, this was a fucking boarding school properly fenced with enough security personnel. So how would two old men just choose the field and how did they even get in when visitors are allowed from 8am?. Thats if I woke up blind. And you know something funny about stories or allegations, everyone claiming to have seen had their own version of the story.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was on a Friday evening during the evening preps when the whole school came running towards the gate claiming that one of the students had swallowed a bulb. Wait, what?? I mean not even a bulb, a florescent tube. How? Is this a comedy school and am the only one in the wrong place? Or it’s true a ghost or the walking dead or whatever name they called it literally asked asked one of the students to swallow a bulb. This is when you wish to tell God that you’ve seen and heard it all and you’re ready to go. But no!! I haven’t achieved my dream of being a doctor but honestly, this was too much for a young soul like me.

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  1. 1

    Paul B. Taubman, II

    Yikes! There are some things I would just want to stay away from!!!

  2. 1

    Martha DeMeo

    I think I would rather be home listening to my mom nagging me. LOL

  3. 1


    Love this! Great story.

  4. 1

    elly paunoska

    Great story men . I feel spooky reading this.

  5. 1


    I think that when you are a child you do believe things that might just be in someone else’s imagination. I have plenty of stories from trips I took with my school that scared us all, but when I think about it now, it was just circumstances.

  6. 1

    Oscar Gonzalez

    LOL you have a knack for storytelling. But I don’t believe in any of this ghost stuff, so most likely it was just someone walking around that it was supposed to be there or just an illusion. But good story!

  7. 1

    My Vegetarian Roots

    I would pass on this and would like to just stay home. haha I am a scaredy cat LOL

  8. 1

    Amanda G

    It’s hard to tell when our imagination is getting the best of us and when something truly unnatural with no explanation is happening. Often, when we hear stories of a place being haunted, our minds will automatically play tricks on us due to our anxiety and fears.

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      I agree with you these stories play tricks in our minds

  9. 1


    Whoa! Scary or someone playing tricks on you?! Either way, not cool! Interesting read.

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      On growing up I came to realize it was just a trick Thst was passed on

  10. 1

    Simon Starchevsky

    I am a big fan of such stories, and I do enjoy a good authentic fright.

  11. 1

    Marjie Mare

    I am a chicken and can’t watch anything scary. Unlike me, my daughters love anything scary and would enjoy this post that I will share with the.

  12. 1


    This was an interesting read because I got to know about a haunted story from you. It is an interesting read to know that you experience a haunting at your previous school. I would never go back if I saw a ghost.

  13. 1

    Shoppers Gossip

    Great read! I too feel spooky reading this 😦 😀

  14. 1


    I don’t believe ghost but I’m so scared to watch and listen haunted stories. but Scary or someone playing tricks on you sounds not fun!

  15. 1


    Sometimes I think people like to blame their actions on other outside forces so they don’t have to accept responsibility

  16. 1


    I guess that this is just one of those placebo tricks that pass on from parents to children.

  17. 1


    I love to read stories like this.

  18. 1

    the list mom

    So creepy yet very intriguing. This was a great read for this time of year 🙂

  19. 1

    Adventures with Shelby

    Woah seriously spooky! Great storytelling


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