Reasons why perception really matters

Perception is the organization, identification and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information or the environment. Perception not only builds our experience of the world we live in, it also gives us that chance to act within our own environment and approach life problems differenty.

The following are reasons why perception really matters :

  1. Understanding human behavior : people’s behavior is based on their perception of things and how they approach matters. Their behavior can be predicted in the changes of circumstances by getting to understand their present perception of their environment.
  2. Help determine people’s needs : we can be able to perceive needs of people since their perception are mostly influenced by their needs.
  3. Builds character : Perception encourages one to become more involved in what they do. Moreover, perception can help understand other people’s situations and also change how you act under different circumstances.
  4. Building relationships : For people to get along, perception is really important. You can be able to try see things from other people’s point of view. If we put ourselves in the shoes of those we want to relate with our perspective will change and we can be more understanding.
  5. Helps in management : As a manager, the different people working under you will definitely perceive matters differently and for one to handle them effectively, understanding their perception is key.
  6. Push one to greatness : Reality is influenced by human perception in a number of ways. Therefore, your experience, education, exposure, challenges will affect your perception and hence your reaction to the challenges or tasks you’re facing.

Perception generally changes as one ages. This comes with education, travel experience, successes, failures and challenges. Eliud kichoge perceived that no human is limited. This pushed him to go beyond what many thought was impossible to do and in the long run, he did beat the odds.

23 thoughts on “PERCEPTION

  1. I agree with you, perception matures as we do, and it changes as we continue to go through life. I think my perception of the world has greatly broadened as I opened myself to new experiences.

    I also believe that perception improves empathy. When you’re not so closed off, you are able to see things from another person’s point of you.

  2. Perspective can define so much in our lives. “From a certain point of view” can produce very interesting results within a social or work group. Interesting concept indeed.

  3. Great facts! Perception has a lot of meanings in each of person’s view. It’s an essential thing one should have in our lifetime.

  4. I think that every individual has their own way of looking at things and perception always will differ from one another. It depends on the life experience and education.

  5. I truly believe perception matters. What you think of yourself and how others perceive it can translate to how they treat you. It’s important to understand as you mentioned, building relationships and character are important as well.

  6. Perception let’s you act according to how people approach you. You can act rude, necause he is rude, you can exploit people’s weaknesses etc. I would rather understand things than see what I see fit. Anyway, nice article.

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