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How much appearance says about a person.

Does appearance speak
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We live in a world where whether you like it or not, you are judged by how you look, how you dress, how you compose yourself, how you speak and even how you go by your daily duties. Most of us judge a person through appearance since its what is first visible to us. Appearance does tell pretty much about a person.

Personal appearance would determine the mental image that everyone will have of you. So how you look, how you present yourself will speak alot about you.

Reasons why appearance is important in our society

It’s sad to say but we live in a society where your appearance will guarantee one a job opportunity, a society where appearance will determine the type of company you tag along with, a society where appearance will determine the kind of services you can be offered in hospitals, in schools, at the place of work, a society where people are accused of abusing drugs just because of how they dress or how they appear.

Below are reasons why appearance is important :

  1. Increases self confidence : dressing properly will not only increase your self confidence, but also impress and attract other people. it is important in earning respect at school, at the place of work.
  2. it’s an indication of self respect : How you look tells much about you and how you feel about yourself. Dressing well, being properly groomed how good you feel about yourself and also the amount of respect you have for yourself.
  3. Boosts self esteem : Whenever one feels that they look good, then definitely they’ll feel better about themselves. You can boost your self esteem by taking care of yourself.
  4. Sexual attraction : Sexual attraction starts with finding a person physically attractive. Though not the only reason, but initial attraction to someone for their appearance can’t be denied.

Does appearance speak the truth about a person? Sometimes you may judge the appearance of a person without knowing the reasons behind how people conducts themselves. Whether good or bad the reason may be, it’s more of the interpretation.

Would it not be beneficial if we suspend judgements until we understand the reasons behind it rather than making inconclusive judgements about a person just for their appearances. People often judge incorrectly just for how one appears. Throught history, people are judged because of the Society’s stereotypes.

The clothes someone wears does not reflect who they’re. Neither does it make someone a certain stereotype. But the society we’re in, sees things differently. If someone dresses well, we’ll run to the conclusion that the person is rich but at times it might be that the person has a good sense of style. Moreover, if a person walks in torn clothes we are quick to tag them poor.

can we ask ourselves, does appearance speak? Is it right to brand people names, judge their sexuality………. Just because of the impression or their appearance? Would be glad to get your feedback on the comment section below.

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  1. 1


    They say first appearances can be deceptive. But people can tell a surprising amount about your personality from a photo.

  2. 1

    Kristin O'Ferrall

    Sadly clothes and outer appearances are judged. I love getting dressed up for an evening out — it does help your confidence. Other times, I am content being comfortable and casual. A smile, however, is the best accessory! 🙂 Thanks for posting.

  3. 1

    Unfortunately our dress code speaks volume. But it doesn’t necessarily tell our true identity. Thanks for sharing ❤

  4. 1

    Simon Starchevsky

    Dress code is important and appearances can flow into the psyche of how not only business is conducted, but how individuals conduct themselves. Thank you.

  5. 1


    It is said that people make a judgement about you in the first 5 seconds of meeting you. Whether we like it or not, this is human nature, we all do it. But it’s how you then treat that person that matters. Don’t let judgements get in the way of treating others with compassion. Great post!

  6. 1


    Appearance can tell a lot about a person, but it’s not necessarily the truth. We associate suits with business orientated persons and hoodies with teens that are are up to no good. But that is doesn’t mean it’s who those people are.

  7. 1

    Mike A.

    Unfortunately this is true. You only have a finite amount of time to make a good impression and appearance goes a long way towards that.

  8. 1

    You, Me and Benny

    I think first impression appearance is a big thing but after that or once you get to know someone it doesn’t really matter anymore.

  9. 1

    Suanlian Tangpua

    Yes appearance is very imortant. But, ‘Dont just a book by its cover’. We should also know inside beauty can make you beautiful outside but the outside beauty cannot make you beautiful inside.

  10. 1


    What an interesting read. Appearance does speak for itself and judgements from strangers but it doesn’t show a persons true character.

  11. 1


    I would agree with all of this however I think it is better to look beyond the outward appearance and clothing to fully see the person behind the clothing.

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      That’s true I couldn’t agree more

  12. 1

    Sanjota Purohit

    They say never judge book by its cover and I believe in that 🙂

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      That’s true

  13. 1

    Danielle W.

    Is is sad that we are judged on appearance, but I guess that is life. Not sure if that will ever change.

  14. 1

    hanifa yusliha

    Not sure if that will ever change.


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