Why a flexible job is what you need

Why a flexible job is what you need
October 29, 2019 36 Comments LIFESTYLE Shadrack biwot

Many of us have to report to work at a at a specific time every day. Same goes for the time of leaving work. Flexibility is an important aspect for employees. This includes the willingness and the ability to respond to the changing circumstances. It involves the employer and the employee making changes to how, when and where a person will work for the betterment of an individual and the business.

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Reasons why you need a flexible work schedule

1. Good for families :

For many professionals job flexibility is becoming a priority. Professionals who also have families need a more work-life balance as to be able to spend time with their families, take their children to school.

2. Good for mental health : mental health and work are intertwined. Work can cause severe mental issues but can also act as support mechanism. Poor mental health costs businesses millions of lost revenue. This can be curbed by providing employees with a flexible work schedule. Through this, those facing mental illness can spend more time getting treatment and focusing on what they need while maintaining their careers. When able to keep their jobs, it gives them something to work for.

3. Increases productivity : flexible working environment improves the productive work force. Flexibility is one of the main things that employees need. This promotes the well being and in turn promotes productivity as a happy employee is a productive one.

4. Change in technology : today’s flexibility at work is different from how it was in the past. An employee can be able to work from home or wherever they may be than working an extra time to replace the lost time. With the emergence of technology employees can be able to modify their approach to tasks according to preference of their employers and the demand of the situation.

5. Allows people to be in control : flexibility at work increases employees morale,engagement and their commitment at work. This can in turn reduce employees turnover and absentism. People have the tendency of working overtime when allowed to work in a flexible environment. Many choose to work part-time so that they can be able to have more control.

You can become flexible by:

1. Focusing on your core values

2. Be open to ideas

3. Be optimistic

4. Always be calm

5. Learning to plan ahead

6. Building a strong support network

Depending on the type of work, flexible schedule have both advantages and disadvantages. Before considering a flexible work schedule, looking at its advantages and disadvantages is an important part of making a decision of whether to consider a flexible job or not.

Advantages of a flexible work schedule

1. Reduced travelling expenses and time

2. Employees will have more control over time and working environment

3. Boosts morale

4. Reduced lateness for work and absentism

Disadvantages of a flexible work schedule

1. It is difficult for office based employees to work efficiently

2. There is no clear line between work and home

3. Some staff cannot work efficiently without supervision

4. other employees might see it as unfair when certain staff work remotely.

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  1. 1

    Vivian Chemtai

    Flexible job is the best!

  2. 1


    Great post, l personally cannot thrive in a job without flexibility. Fixed schedules feels like prison. I agree with you, thanks for sharing ❤

  3. 1


    A flexible job is the best

  4. 1


    Yeah it is really good for mental health

  5. 1


    Yes! A flexible job is great for mental health. Great post.

  6. 1

    My Vegetarian Roots

    I would take flexibility over high pay. Being a fulltime working mother, I cannot be more thankful for the job flexibility I have!

  7. 1

    Renee Theresa

    I fully and completely agree with you! It is so important to have flexibility at work especially when you have responsibilities at home

  8. 1


    These things are so true, and these are th reasons I adore working from home. But even working from home everyday gets monotonous.

  9. 1


    hard to find, great points!

  10. 1


    That’s so true! I saw a big change in my mental health as I switched to a flexible job!

  11. 1

    One and half backpacks

    Very well written, we all need more freedom.

  12. 1


    Flexible jobs require self accountability. If you can do that, its the best option.

  13. 1


    I think we all want to enjoy the flexibility that allows us to work from home or work per our timelines but finding such jobs is the problem for most of us!

  14. 1


    good info. have a flexible job allows you to explore and have fun. but not everyone can find one that works…

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      I agree with you not everyone is able to find a flexible job

  15. 1

    Marjie Mare

    Very inspiring. I have been enjoying my full time job for the past 7 years because of the flexibility

  16. 1

    Oscar Gonzalez

    We all want a flexible job right? The one with the most flexibility is the one you love the most because you’ll never feel like it is work. Having your own business can be both the best job in the world, and the most rigid, but if you do it right it can be really great and give you all the flexibility in the world.

  17. 1

    Sarah M

    After reading your post, it feels like you are writing my thoughts 🙂 I do have opportunities for a well paid inflexible jobs but for me peace of mind is on top of it.

    1. 1

      Shadrack biwot

      I couldn’t agree more. Peace of mind is to be given the first priority.

  18. 1


    I’m actually looking for a flexible job right now. It’s so true that it’s good for mental health.

  19. 1


    I am grateful I have a flexible job. You know, it has been a blessing. I have tried a very tight-schedule way before and I swear am not coming back… very stressful.

  20. 1


    I actually think that by giving people the option to be flexible with their job, they will take advantage of you. I know people who just pretend to work just because their managers don’t know how long it takes for them to fix tasks. This way they stand on a task that takes minutes to fix for the entire day, doing whatever they want and still get paid.

  21. 1

    Luna S

    I enjoy this exact thing about where I currently work, they allow me to have some what of a flexible schedule to work around what I need, which is nice.

  22. 1


    Flexible schedule at job is really a bonus. I’m blessed that I do not need to spend hours in commute and can work from home as well.

  23. 1

    Shoppers Gossip

    Great post! I really need feible job because I am a single mom with two kids.

  24. 1

    Traci Edwards

    I can not work a non flexible job i love to travel too much! lol

  25. 1


    I’ve been looking for a flexible job to be able to stay home with my son more. Great post.

  26. 1

    One and half backpacks

    Flexible job is a dream in today life

  27. 1


    Having a flexible job can be so important for some people’s lifestyles. I agree though that the lines between work and home may not be clear.

  28. 1

    Cristina Petrini

    Personally having a flexible job is also allowing me to have a lot of time for me and it is really important for a job satisfaction as much as personal

  29. 1

    Cristina Pop

    I would definitely love a more flexible job. I am starting to feel very exhausted with 9-5.

  30. 1

    Amber Myers

    Oh yeah, I am all about flexible. It’s why I work from home. My husband is in the military which is NOT flexible, so one of us needed to be available.

  31. 1


    I actually thrive in a flexible lifestyle. I can usually change direction very quickly and easily. Having busy kids makes that a daily thing!

  32. 1

    Passion Piece

    I’d love to have a more flexible job, as my mental health is a bit weak now. Hope you’re tips will help me to find the right balance. 🙂

  33. 1

    Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    I would love for my job to be flexible, it’s incredibly stressful right now. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  34. 1


    This is what EVERYONE needs if they can. Too much 9 to 5 culture or even people who work more it is stressful and it’s making mental health get out of hand. Happy I work for myself.


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