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The worst mistake you can make as a beginner is hiring a low-quality service in an effort to save money if you have limited funds and limited SEO knowledge. If you are interested in improving your SEO and can’t afford to hire an expert or consultant don’t lose hope. On this blog, I’ll get you through saving money and working on your own SEO at least till when you can be able to hire an expert to help you with your blog.
It’s important for blog owners or those planning to venture into blogging in 2020 to have basic SEO knowledge for them to run a successful blog. This will help ensure that you produce content that will see your success and growth online.

DIY SEO: legit ways to do your SEO in 2020 as a beginner

1. Be acquainted with your target audience
Most consumers start with search engines. So, if your site isn’t available through a search engine, your targeted audience may not be finding you at all.
Knowing your audience will help you know what you want to focus on, as they will determine what keywords and types of content resound with your viewers.
Focusing your site on what your audience is looking for will help you be found on Google. This will also help you know which keywords to target thereby making keyword research much easier. Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that best suits a beginner.

  1. Build page authority and backlinks through quality content
    We all knowing that content is king for every successful blog. Being consistent in creating quality content is great in building your SEO.
    This will also be useful in building your page authority within your niche. Having great content also helps build quality backlinks for your site. With quality backlinks to your site then be sure to get more credit for your site as more backlinks to your site is important for your site’s SEO
  2. Build and maintain your social media presences
    Social media allows you to connect with your audience, competitors, and the general public. Every blogger should have a social media presence on the social channel of their choice.
    Social media allows you to share your content with your audience thereby driving more traffic to your site thereby contributing to the growth of your SEO.
    Social media also gives you another platform for you to share your content, be found by your targeted audience, and be able to build more backlinks.
  3. Read SEO blogs and take free SEO courses
    SEO trends are always changing as days go by. There are always new ways to optimize your site for search engines.
    It’s always advisable to look for ways to expand your knowledge on. There are various courses that can help you build your knowledge on SEO like Google SEO start guide.
    Doing your own SEO is much simpler than you may have pictured it and following the above steps will come a long way in helping you with your SEO in 2020.


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