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There is no doubt that link building shapes the future of your blog on the web. It definitely will put to rest the struggle that is raging in your heart as it will increase your overall search engine traffic and unveil what the future holds for the success of your blog.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to increase your traffic for a new blog or established blog; you need to build lots of quality links.

Before we move further, let’s answer the following questions:

What are backlinks?

These are text links from other websites linking to your websites. They are generally built from blog posts, videos, infographics, tweets, social shares, comments, etc.

What is link building?

It is the process of generating backlinks for your websites which help you increase your search engine traffic.

What is an ethical link building?

It is considered a safe SEO link building process to generally increasing your links and rankings.

Link Building Best Practices

Building links doesn’t stop at just getting quality links to your site. You have to keep in mind the best practices when it comes to link building. Now let’s discuss the best link building practices you can use in 2020 and beyond that will ensure the success of your blogging career.

    1. Create link-worthy content

Quality content is key to link building. Without having high-quality content on your blog, no one would love to link to your blog posts. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you spend enough time researching your blog topics to come up with problem-solving content. And not just write content for the sake of it. I’d rather you focus on writing a single quality a month that trashing your blog daily with unworthy content.

    1. Frequently mention other bloggers

Don’t expect people to link to your content if you don’t link to them. This is why your interaction with other bloggers plays a very important role in link building. Make sure to build and grow a healthy relationship with other bloggers. One of the simplest ways to get other people to link to your blog posts is to link to them first. Who will share your stuff if you don’t share others? Who will comment on your posts if you don’t leave comments on other blogs?

The same goes for link building to your blog posts. You have to frequently link to other bloggers in your niche to attract incoming links.

    1. Make use of social media to connect

This is the best platform for building relationships with others. it is a goldmine for reaching out to influential bloggers in your industry. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to connect with other bloggers.

Be sure to often share their stuff, mention them and whenever you get a chance, build a strong relationship. Relationships always lead to great link building opportunities.

Few common SEO link building mistakes to avoid

· Don’t use optimized anchor text in links

· Focus on quality over quantity

Avoid creating links only to the home page: Always ensure to focus on deep linking instead of linking only to your home page. I know it can be rather tempting to link to your home pages from your guest posts or other link building sources, but it’s equally important that most of your links should go to your internal pages. This is often called “deep linking”. This will assure you of an all-round reputation of your website in search engines.

Why you should focus on Link Building

We all know that day by day SEO keeps changing after every update. So to keep your site at the top you need to put your full focus on building links as it’s the only thing in SEO that never changes.

5 Aspects to consider when building links

1. Relationship building

Whether you know it or not, email outreach is the most powerful way to get incoming links from top blogs in your niche. We all know how important it is to build high-quality backlinks.

But it’s extremely difficult to get top bloggers’ attention to the link to your blog posts.

Here’s where blogger outreach comes into play. You need to build a connection with other top bloggers in your niche before asking them for a favor

When it comes to relationship building, I mostly admire the skills of Alexa from Groove.

2. Content gap SEO link building

Using this link building strategy, you can easily attract tons of visitors, shares, and links to your blog posts. This is a 3 step process and here is how this strategy works.

· Find Top Performing Content Related To Your Niche: You can use tools like Topsy to find high performing content in your niche.

· Create Better Content (Make Something Even Better to The Existing Content): This is the crucial step, once you find out the link-worthy content in your niche, you need to create content that is more detailed and epic to the original source.

· Reach Out to The People And Ask Them To Link To Your Content: This is the final step, you simply have to reach out to people who shared the original piece of content.

3. Harness the power of guest posts

Instead of using your guest posts to build links, consider guest posting as relationship building. Use your guest posts to create more value for the readers in your niche.

Write detailed guest posts and frequently link to other bloggers who have high-quality articles. Once you link to them, email them saying you’ve linked from one of your guest posts.

This not only helps you boost your online presence but it also strengthens the bonding with other bloggers. Once you have good relationships with other bloggers, it becomes easier for you to get links from them.

After all, no one links to a stranger, right?

If done right, guest blogging is still one of the most powerful link building strategies to attract high-quality links from your niche.

4. Create an authority website in your niche

This is a very important step when it comes to building high-quality backlinks for your website in Google panda and penguin age. You should just publish high quality, well researched, and comprehensive content on your website.

If people are finding your website contents useful, there is every chance they will start linking to your website automatically. This way you will end up getting lots of editorial links for your website. You will not need to ask anyone to link to your website manually.

Since I’m working in blogging and SEO niche for some time. There are some trusted and authority websites in the blogging and SEO niche that gets lots of editorial links automatically primarily because of their content quality.

5. Start commenting on other blogs

You need to make a list of active and most popular blogs in your niche and don’t think much about whether you will be getting a dofollow or nofollow link by commenting on other blog posts

This practice will be highly effective if you are running a link building campaign for a fresh new website.

You should have an exact idea about a blog post before commenting on it. Don’t write one-liner comments but try to add more value to a blog post through your knowledge sharing comments.

If you happen to the first to comment on a blog post on a popular blog in your niche, you may even be able to send some targeted traffic to your website very quickly.

You should avoid submitting comments on blogs where your comments get approved in no time. It means those blog owners are not much worried about content quality and have no moderation in place.

So you should target those blogs only where your comments are kept in moderation before actual approval or disapproval by its blog owner.


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