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How to Setup an Affiliate Marketing Website and Earn Money in Kenya

I know most Kenyans are looking for a one stop guide on setting up an affiliate marketing website that gives them handsome returns. This post is a one stop place for all you need to know about setting up an affiliate marketing website and earn money in Kenya.

Truth be told, affiliate marketing is the best platform to make passive income. But before we go deeper just pieces of advice don’t treat this as a get rich quick scheme because that will guarantee your failure.

Let’s get into the details of how you can setup an affiliate website with ease.

How to Easily Setup an Affiliate Marketing Website and earn money in Kenya

5 Factors That Will Determine Your Affiliate Website’s Success

I know most of us just want to set up an affiliate marketing website and jump into affiliate marketing. Been there done that. Truth be told, that’s not how it works. Before you even think of setting up an affiliate marketing website, make sure to consider and implement the below mentioned factors that will assure you of your success.

1. Set your goals right

If you want to be successful in this field and start to earn money in Kenya, your goals should be specific, measurable and time bound. Most beginners don’t consider setting goals which leads to loss of track and end up giving up before they even start. I bet this gives you an overview of what role goal setting plays for the success of your affiliate marketing website.

At the end of the day, you should be sure to give a comparison of your overall affiliate sales goal. This will determine the amount of effort you need to put in.

That being said, your goals should be divided into various ways which are mentioned below.

  • Daily goals: daily goals includes anything from your daily average sales to email subscribers to increasing social shares or anything that’s key for you to build a profitable affiliate website.
  • Weekly goals: You need to set goals of what you need to do to hit your monthly target. Make sure to keep an eye on your weekly goals progress otherwise you’ll easily lose your sight on your long term goals.
  • Monthly goals: These are very important as monthly goals have enough time for you to achieve whatever you want and at the same time, they give you a direction and clarity on how you’re achieving your goals.
  • Yearly goals: This can be easily set but hard to achieve. The more reason why you need to divide your yearly goals into monthly and weekly goals to easily manage and achieve them.

2. Select the RIGHT niche

Selecting a proper niche is what most beginners don’t take seriously and that’s why they find it difficult coping up with the challenges that they may encounter along the way. Your affiliate marketing website success journey starts with picking the right niche.

So now that we know that, the question is how do you select the right niche?

Topic choice:  go through varieties of topics you’re interested in and only go for topics with massive number of affiliate programs.

Do competitor analysis for niche: Before picking a niche that seems profitable, do a competitor analysis to see how that particular niche works for them. Tools like SEMrush come in handy when doing competitor analysis.

Once you’ve carefully analyzed the above mentioned, it becomes much easier to pick a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

3. Thorough keyword research

Do you know that most successful affiliate marketing websites that earn money in Kenya keyword research are one of their priorities? I know you might not have realized that there’s a big difference between doing keyword research to increase traffic and doing to increase affiliate sales.

If thinking of building an affiliate website and earn money in Kenya. You have to do proper keyword research for commercial keywords and not for informational keywords. I know you’re asking the question what is the difference?

Commercial keywords

They are keywords that people search even before the thought of purchasing a product online.

These keywords include:

With such keywords, you’ll notice that people have the idea of what they’d love to purchase but they’re just looking for discounts and free trials before they purchase the product or service. You should employ this in your affiliate marketing to be able to boost your sales.

Informational keywords

These are generally meant to tutor your site visitors. They’re there to create awareness or build knowledge on certain products that you’re promoting. To earn money in Kenya as an affiliate, you should know that the first step to selling your products is by enlightening your audience about the products and services that you’re promoting.

These keywords usually contain;

The types of audience generally searching for such keywords are mostly just looking for more information about the product or service. With these you’ll be able to build your audience’s knowledge on a product thereby increasing the chances of them purchasing the item.

Which type of keywords should you pick to increase your affiliate sales?

To be able to earn money in Kenya with affiliate marketing, be sure to focus on both keywords this way you can be able to build your traffic with informational keywords and also increase your affiliate sales and boost your income with commercial keywords.

4.  Building a list to increase your affiliate sales

If you ask a bigger percentage of affiliate marketers in Kenya, they usually don’t focus on building an email list. This is why most of them struggle to make any sales.

Believe you me you don’t want to make the same mistake as you’ll be missing out on huge benefits.

  • With your own the list, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.
  • You can drive targeted traffic to your site or affiliate products at your convenience.
  • You can generate more affiliate sales and the list goes on

Now the question is how can you build a successful email list in Kenya?

  • Create an irresistible lead magnet: the one mistake most affiliate marketers in Kenya make is that they put a subscription option on their blog and expect people will subscribe. One thing you should know is that people don’t subscribe just because you asked them do so. You need to give them reasons to subscribe. This ranges from anything like an eBook just anything that will drive their attention and make them subscribe.
  • Focus on email sequence: this is another mistake most affiliates in Kenya make. They only send an email notification whenever they publish a new post. Always make sure to create informative email sequence at a regular interval. One thing you should know is that your affiliate products highly depends on how informative your emails can be.
  • Subscribe to your competitors email list: you’ll be able to get an all round idea of how your competitors are promoting their products using their email list. With these you can tweak those ideas and build a highly informative mail for your list.

5. Analyze your competition

It’s such a pity if all these while you don’t know who your competitions are. Knowing your competition will help you have a general idea why they are ranking on the first page on Google. It’s key if you want to get more search traffic to your sites.

Factors you need to put to consideration.

  • Number of backlinks
  • Quality of their content
  • Other important metrics such as DA, PA

Let’s go into detail to give you a general overview.

Backlink profile: this helps find all the backlinks of your competitors. Once you know how to analyze the backlink profile of a site, it’s easier for you to find the complexity of ranking for any targeted keyword. You can do backlink analysis by using tools like SEMrush and you can also find all the backlink sources so you can do guest posting, email outreach etc to build those links for your site as well.

5 Steps to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Website and earn Money in Kenya

Step 1: Picking hosting and install WordPress

WordPress is the #1 blogging platform for creating a website. It gives you full control, security and access to a ton of plugins to run your site effortlessly.

For Kenyan bloggers I recommend Truehost as a hosting option. They have amazing features at affordable prices.

Click here for a step by step guide on how to start a blog with Truehost in 5 minutes

Step 2: Affiliate plugin recommendations

With your affiliate website setup, you need to have access to the right affiliate tools.

To maximize your earnings, what more would you need than a having access to best affiliate tools?

Thirsty Affiliates: this plugin helps you to track clicks that you’re getting for each link you create.

Author Review: This plugin helps you get ratings for your products. That way you can easily get more clicks through rates which definitely increase your overall search rankings.

Drip: This is the email marketing software that’ll help you build and manage your email list with features to automate your email sequence.

Step 3: Select the RIGHT affiliate products to promote

The question here is how do you pick the right products to promote on your affiliate website?

This is where platforms like ShareASale, Clickbank, and Commission Junction etc come in handy for you to easily find high paying affiliate programs relevant to your target audience.

You can also pick an affiliate program that you think is suitable for your audience by visiting their site and joining as an affiliate. This is a common practice among all affiliate marketers.

Things to consider before joining an affiliate program:

  • Minimum payout and payment method
  • time taken to send your commission
  • Whether tax form required or not for processing your affiliate commission
  • Affiliate support (if a product is successful, they usually provide a dedicated support team to assist their affiliate marketers to make more sales).

Step 4: Networking with affiliate product managers

I don’t if you noticed this but for you to increase sales, you need to promote products or services that you’ve tried. So if you have plans of succeeding in to earn money in Kenya as an affiliate, you need to device ways to grab the products and services for free so that you can try and write honest reviews about them.

NB: start networking with affiliate product managers who promote those tools.

For example, if I want to get SEMrush for free they usually offer 30days free trial. Contact their affiliate marketing team via email to find out if I can grab their tool for free (or extended free trial of 30 days or 90 days). That’ll be enough to try and know what the product entails.

 Content that works best to increase affiliate sales

To make more money in Kenya from affiliate sales, you need to differentiate between write content for your blog and writing a sales content.

1. In-depth and honest product reviews

One thing you should know is that strong content reviews generates huge income.

This is why:

  • They build awareness about products you’re promoting
  • You can bring targeted audience by aiming for several keywords

Here’s an excellent Truehost hosting review

The question now is how do I create an excellent content review?

  • This can go right if you first pick genuine products that you know will be of much benefit to your targeted audience. Make sure to have tried the product for yourself and only write a review if you’re satisfied with the product.
  • Do thorough research on the product and get to know what opinion your competitors have on the product. With this you’ll know exactly what to write about and believe you me your review will stand out.
  • Always keep in mind that your review should provide solutions to your audience. Don’t ever focus on just making sales but be a problem solver to your audience. This way, your sales will automatically increase.

2. Comparison posts

You obviously know that the web is filled with similar products and people are always looking for comparison before purchasing products. This is where comparison posts come in handy.

Quick tips:

  • Do the research of similar products.
  • Instead of writing feature comparison type of posts, write “benefit driven” comparison posts.
SEO is Important for Building a Successful Affiliate Website

We all know that SEO works magic for any website and an affiliate website cannot be left out on this. So be sure to master the art of SEO.

Have solid link building strategy

To be able to earn money in Kenya through affiliate marketing, you need massive search engine traffic to increase sales.

How to develop a solid link building strategy that ensures to a ton of backlinks?

Use blogger outreach strategy: It basically means reaching out to other bloggers and attracting links from their site to your content.

Building a strong relationship with other bloggers in your niche and linking to their content before asking them to link to your blog. This will in future be easy to naturally acquire links to your blog.

Use info graphics:   this is another way of attracting quality links to your site. I’d recommend canva in creating quality info graphics and be sure to create an embedded code to generate links in case someone uses them on their site.

Guest post:  writing guest posts for top sites relevant to your niche is basic in generating backlinks, traffic and leads to your site.

Guest posts attract great amount of traffic and sales from search engines.

Website speed = Affiliate success

If your website speed is too slow, it will affect your search rankings and sales. Here are some factors that determine your website speed so make sure to take them seriously.

Hosting plays a crucial role:  web hosting plays a major role in page load times. This is why I recommend buying a hosting service with Truehost hosting in Kenya.

Limit plugins usage: the fact that wordpress has thousands of plugins doesn’t mean that you should use most of them. If you use a lot of plugins, it becomes a burden to your hosting servers thereby reduction of your sites speed. I’d recommend use of between 10-20 plugins utmost.

Install a cache plugin: this improves user experience by increasing your site’s performance.

Optimize everything: be sure to optimize your images, databases, post revisions etc if you want to lessen the burden from your hosting environment. Also keep a limit on your post revisions so you can boost your website performance.

Mobile friendly websites are the key:  Google has a mobile-friendly update which rewards mobile responsive sites and penalizes those sites not optimized for mobile users. So if you don’t have a mobile responsive site yet, make sure to use a simple, free plugin like WP Touch to make it responsive.

Social is SEO

I know most of us have no idea the impact of social media shares to SEO. Increase of social shares to your site increases your search engine rankings.

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