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10 best Kenyan blogs from top Kenyan bloggers

in search for top bloggers and best Kenyan blogs? this is just it. Here, you’ll discover top Kenyan blogs worth reading in 2020.

if blogging for sometime, by now you should have known that to make it blogging there are two things involved Reading and implementing.

With no knowledge of what’s going on in your niche, how can you ever build a successful blog that earns you money?

Reading best blogs is no-brainer if you wish to access latest trends in your niche. some of my favorite blogs are actually from Kenyan bloggers.

this is my personal favorite list from various niches and the inspiration i gotfrom them is the reason why shadrackbiwotkeyleafy is here now.

best Kenyan blogs to read

kenyan blogs
techmoran media group
kenyan blogs
Jimmy Ombom
Odipo Riaga
Shadrack Biwot
Francis Muli
Nixon Kanali
Oliver Cheruyot
Jackson Biko


This is a popular tech Kenyan blog  that gives you access to tech breaking news, commentaries on new technologies and start-ups in Africa

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they cover all the digital marketing and blogging. they all do offer digital marketing service, web development. this is a go for blogs for those interested in building their general organic traffic, learn SEO, etc.

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This is a travel Kenyan blog that provides detailed information on budget travel, travel tips with reviews of popular and best travel destunations.

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this is a news site that features technology, business and information, social media, startups and gadget reviews

visit kachwaya

shadrack biwot

This blog mainly focuses on blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing. this blog is a neutral blog for bloggers in multiple niches as they’re offered skills to help them grow their traffic, build DA and increase their income.

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Techmtaa focuses on videos, mobile devices, the web, social media and apps

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 the blog has been there for a while now and mainly covers technology and business trends as well product and service reviews. Want to read news about cybersecurity, startups, business, social media etc, then this is the right blog for you.

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This blog was among the blog nominated for the 2017 BAKE awards under best technology blogs category. The blog covers news and opinion on Mobile Technology, Startups, Media and much more.

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This kenyan blog focuses on Banking, finance, technology and investments in Kenya. The blogger behind this blog is a Nairobi Banker whose observations on banking, finance and investment in Kenya are worthwhile.

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Bikozulu blog focuses on life and people – men and women, things that define people, short stories and travel. The blog is really great for everyone.

visit bikozulu

what is blogging and how to start your own blog

After reading this post on best kenyan blogs, did you also find blogging interesting? Do you want to start your own blog and make money as the most other Kenyan bloggers mentioned here? That’s a great choice.

So let us briefly talk about blogging first. Blogging is where you create content (either you can run a hobby blog or you can pick few topics to write about if you’re looking to make money from it), drive traffic from search engines, social media etc and then use that traffic to make money.

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how do Kenyan bloggers make money from blogging?

That’s an interesting question. Just like any other international bloggers, Kenyan bloggers also mostly dependent on the following monetization methods to make money from blogging

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