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8 Blogging Apps Best for Kenyan Bloggers

Insearch of killer blogging apps suitable for you as a Kenyan blogger that will aid you in managing your blogs, social media etc?

Did you know that the estimated number of worldwide mobile users is over 5.11 billion users and over 41 million users in Kenya? This explains why smartphone blogging is on the rise. 

If you blog using a smartphone and you’re on the look for the best blogging apps, then this post is meant for you.

We’ll cover the essential apps that can help you with your blogs, traffic analytics, social media, productivity, etc.

blogging apps

8 Best Blogging Apps for Kenyan Bloggers

  1. WordPress

If looking forward to creating content, moderate blog comments, save content in drafts, etc. then this blogging app is definitely for you.

With wordpress, you can be able to:

  • Publish blog posts or pages on the go
  • Add photos, videos from your album or gallery
  • Reply to the new comments
  • Check your realtime website’s stats
  • Receive notifications on comments, likes, followers, etc. this keeps you updated with your user engagement.
  • Comes with WordPress Reader which you can use to explore tons of topics

Click here to download wordpress app for android

  1. Blogger

The best thing that i love about this blogging app is that with just a Google account, you can start a free blog. This is where most beginners kickstart their blogging journey.

Unlike, with this you can monetize your blog with adsense.

What blogger has to offer:

  • Ability create posts which you can save as a draft or publish immediately 
  • Option to edit existing blog posts easily
  • The ability to embed images from the gallery
  • You can also add labels to your posts

Download blogger app here

  1. Google analytics

This is a highly popular analytical tool by google.

With this, you’ll be able to track your website traffic and have access to detailed reports like sessions, users, bounce rate, etc.

Why is this essential:

  • You’ll be able to monitor real-time traffic data
  • Check sessions, bounce rates, new users etc in one place
  • Get an overview of your website traffic (mobile, desktop users etc)

Download Google analytics here

  1. Mailchimp 

This is a popular email marketing software that comes in handy if interested in ads, email marketing, etc.

By now, you should know that with email marketing , you can be able to grow your sales.

Good news is that mailchimp offers you a free plan of up to 2000 subscribers and 10,000 monthly emails with access to detailed performance metrics.

Download Mailchimp here

  1. Canva 

This is undoubtedly the best app that can help you build beautiful images for your blog, social media and also design your site logo.

It comes with an option of sharing the images directly to your social media platforms.

Why canva?

  • You can use Canva to literally design anything
  • Access to over 60,000 FREE templates
  • Gives you access to a free image editor

Click here to access canva download link

  1. Google Docs

This blogging app is a free word processor by Google that you can use to create, edit and share documents via email. This is a very essential blogging app. Not only is this tool efficient but you’ll also be able to correct all grammatical errors.

If blogging with wordpress, you can be able to post your blogs directly without leaving the app.

Download Google docs here

  1. Pocket 

This tool is popular for its ability to save articles or videos for later.

With the tons of information on the web, we’re bound to forget. So if you come across something that interests you, you can use this blogging app to save for later reading.

Why is this tool of importance?

  • You can read anywhere (even offline)
  • You can save from anywhere online

Download pocket here

  1. Twitter 

This is a highly influential social networking app that keeps you up to date on whatever is happening around the world.

With twitter, you can follow trendy topics related to your niche for you to stay up to date.

Click here to download twitter


There are millions of blogs out there and the best way to build a successful blog is to use your blogging time productively. Here’s where blogging apps come into handy as they can help you manage your blogs, social media profiles, emails etc easily.

So what are your favorite blogging apps that everyone should use? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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