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Off-page SEO: what is and how to do off-site SEO in 2021

Off-page SEO is basically all the activities done off website in an effort to improve search engine rankings.

Common off-page SEO includes:

  • Brand mentions
  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Increasing engagement

Most beginners tend to associate off-page SEO with link building but it’s a lot more than that.

To put it simply, off-page SEO are all activities done outside your website to make search engines see it as trustworthy and authoritative.

In this article we’re not going into details of what SEO is as we already narrowed down on it in our previous article:

SEO: A Complete Step by Step Beginners Guide for 2021

Why does off-page SEO matter?

For years, search engines have been trying to give the best results to searchers. This is where On-page SEO and off-page SEO come in.

With off-page SEO, we are able to see how the world perceives a particular website.

By now you must have known the role backlinks and other off-site signals play as a foundation to Google’s algorithm.

With this the reputation of a site can be determine.

The bottom line is: links are the most important off-page SEO signal.

I’ll cover part of links later on in this article but now let’s take a look at:

Benefits of off-page SEO

  • Increased rankings
  • Higher page rank
  • Greater exposure
  • Build trust

That said let’s now dig deeper into the common aspects of off-page SEO:

how do you do off-page SEO?

1. link building

This is the most popular technique when it comes to SEO and the one that most bloggers put their focus on.

Link building is basically like an election campaign where your article is the contestant and links are voters. So the more links you get the higher you rank.

Every time someone links to your article, it’s like they are telling Google that this site has good information. To put it simply it’s more like a recommendation.

How can you build backlinks?

Broken link building

With this technique, you basically look for broken links pointing to a particular page.

 One thing though: you should keep in mind that it isn’t going to be easy but it’s worth the trouble.

I’d recommend using Ahrefs content explorer to find broken links.

Let’s use my recently published article: the power of email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

All I’ll do is type my keyword “email marketing” into the content explorer

off-page seo

and then choose only broken links

broken links

This will give you popular content that is currently dead.

broken link building

Guest posting

Guest blogging does boost your off-page SEO in numerous ways.

For starters, you get to expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

Moreover, you are obviously going to build backlinks with your guest post which in some way will boost your rankings.

Note: the sites you get to guest post on should be in your industry and not necessarily in your niche.

2. social media marketing

Not only is social media marketing a form of off-site SEO, but also a form of link building.

all links from social media sites are “nofollow” links

this does not in any way mean that these links are of no value. Rather, they are picking up the pace as ranking factors.

3. Brand mentions

Google always give branded sites a first priority when it comes to ranking.

brands are more reliable and most likely to be trusted by users.

The one thing I love about brand mentions is that you don’t necessarily have to have a link pointing to your site as compared to guest blogging and link building.

They can be brand mentions in articles, reviews, forums or on social media platforms.

These mentions get picked up by Google crawlers and get to be evaluated to get a clear understanding of how your brand is perceived by other people.

Note: Always ensure you respond to any negative or misleading information about your brand.

final thoughts

Off-site SEO is equally important as On-page SEO so be sure to focus your energy on both.

One thing is you should avoid shortcuts when it comes to acquiring backlink as nothing good comes easy.

if you have anything to add please feel free to leave a reply on the comment section below.

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