Proven Ways to Make Money on Tiktok in Kenya(2021)

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If you’ve read Forbes highest earning tiktok stars, then you must have realized that you can make money on tiktok. Tiktok is currently among the fastest growing social apps in Kenya and the world at large.

With the current situation brought by corona virus, most Kenyans are looking for other revenue potentials to diversify their income source. We all know that social media platforms has been a big help to many as a revenue source.

I think it’s absolutely clear that you can be able to make money on tiktok in Kenya. You can even be able to tell how much a public tiktok account can make with the help of Tiktok money calculators.

Now the question remains, how can one make money on tiktok in Kenya?

How to make money on Tiktok

how to make money on tiktok in kenya

1. Build a brand:

Just like blogging or any other business, you need to define who you are and who will love your product (target market/audience). Just like a YouTube channel, for tiktok you have to know the kind of videos you’d wish to post.

Consistency is also key when it comes to building a trusted brand with wild views. Moreover,how would you want people to see you( other brands looking for influencers)?

2. Give your audience what they are looking for:

Typically, being an infuencer requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Don’t just focus on posting videos daily focus on the quality of your videos.

Are they interesting? are they unique?what does your audience say?

This is not just on tiktok. On any social media platform, as an influencer you should ensure that your work is fresh and your consistency is high to achieve best results.

3. Build your following:

This is an important part of your journey to make money on tiktok. With the first two steps done right, you won’t have a hard time growing your followers.

To be able to monetize your Tiktok, you need atleast 10,000 followers.

If you understand your target audience and create content that best fits, you won’t have to worry about growing your following as they will come to you naturally.

Ways to make money on Tiktok in Kenya

1. Grow accounts and selling them:

This has gained quite a popularity in the product space. Just like Instagram, you’ll have to create a tiktok account that is niche specific and create quality content to be able to attract and ideal customer.

You can also reach out to brands in that industry and offer to sell your profile to them.

Tiktok live is a popular way that people are selling products on Tiktok. They just launch products while livestreaming.

2. Tiktok Ads:

You can also make money on tiktok by using their Ads platform.

One thing though. Only go for this option if your target market is on Tiktok. This can guarantee you more sells on tiktok.

3. Offer management services:

If you have noticed, some creators on tiktok have thousands or even millions of followers and this just happens overnight.

You can offer them them services to help them with content strategy, or managing deals that come their way.

4. Consulting:

If you are a pro on tiktok,you can offer consultation services to help others grow their videos to getting more views. This is the best way of leveraging your expertise on the platform and help those who which to be Tiktok famous or those interested in becoming creators grow.

Final Thoughts

Currently,Tiktok has a lot of interest and not a lot of content in it. This is why those creating content are receiving massive views and growing famous overnight.

Same thing happened with Instagram few years back. So don’t waste time to figure out the platform and how to make money on tiktok.

Jump on Tiktok as early as today and and capitalize on all interests and start making money on Tiktok.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in jumping on a platform early to figure out how to actually monetize your following, that’s what I just covered today.

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