How to get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog in Kenya: 5 Steps to Finding Your First Sponsor

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Sponsored posts can be an amazing method of diversifying the income stream of your blog in Kenya.

Regardless of the niche you’re in, you can always find partners happy to partner with your site and the platform it provides. One thing you should know is that you have to take charge for you to find sponsors.

Where do you start for you to find willing sponsors?

In this article, we’ll cover sponsored posts, how you can find sponsors and the benefits it has to offer.

What are sponsored posts?

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Sponsored posts, also known as promoted posts, are posts to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

This model has become adopted by various publishers(bloggers) as an addition, substitute or replacement of other pay-per-click advertisement.

These kind of posts can be reviews, recommendations or articles about a company. Typically, you’ll have to write the article though at times the company itself might provide a written content and all you have to do is post it on your website.

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How to get sponsored posts

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Sponsored posts come with a lot of benefits. The hard part though is getting sponsors.

Here we’ll discuss possible methods you can use to land yourself a sponsor.

1. Create a media kit(Advertise) page

This will let brands/companies know that you are available to receive sponsored posts.

Let’stake a look at Shadrackbiwotkeyleafy’s media kit page as an example.

sponsored posts

Additionally, you can offer a media kit to help seal the deal for those wishing to advertise with you. In fact, some companies will need to see your media kit as a matter of course before deciding to work with you. You can include the following in your media kit:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Website name and URL
  • Social stats – the social networks you use and your number of followers, etc.
  • Monthly page views on your website – you can use Google Analytics for this
  • A little about your audience
  • Some information about what you have to offer

A professional media kit shows that you’re serious and looking for sponsors. Take it as a resume for you, your brand, and your site. As such, you’ll want to make it appealing.

2. Content is king

Quality of content is like the heart to your blog. With this, you’ll attract a massive audience to your blog. With a huge audience, brands will definitely take note of your work.

At all times,your content should provide good value to your readers. One thing to take note of is that before companies start noticing you, you’ll first have to build a trusted brand.

3. Spy on your competitors

Look at your competition and see who is being placed on their blog. The odds are, if they are interested in working with them, they might be interested in having some posts placed with you as well.

4. Find brands and pitch content ideas to them

With your sponsor page and a media kit set up, and your blog is filled with killer content, you may want to begin pitching some sponsored post ideas to brands in your niche. Many companies have a contact page on their websites where you can contact them and propose your idea.

Always start with products you already use and like.

5. Maintain a good rapport with sponsors

This is one of the best ways to build a solid and lasting income with your blog is to repeatedly work with the same brands. If you maintain the relationships you cultivate, companies are more likely to hire you again for future sponsored posts.

Final Thoughts

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Struggling to get sponsored posts for your blog?

Implement the above 5 steps and it will guarantee you your first sponsor.

Sponsored posts are a form of income that many bloggers in Kenya are taking advantage of. They are a great way to add additional content to your site and get paid to do it.

Note: Be extremely picky when choosing who to work with.

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