Make $1000+ monthly with Sponsored posts

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There are multiple channels and methods of monetizing a blog but of all, writing sponsored posts is the greatest method you can use to monetize your blog in 2021.

If consistency is in your vocabulary and you have started growing your fan base, then you must have realized that brands must have also started reaching out with the interest of working with you.

The main aim of writing this post is to build your knowledge on sponsored posts,popular sites you can find sponsored content for your blog and how you can charge brands for each sponsored post.

Now lets get to it!

In this post we’ll not cover the definition of sponsored posts and and how to get sponsors as we covered this on our previous post: How to get sponsored posts for your blog

How much do sponsored posts pay?

You can make between $100-$700+ per sponsored content. This opinion differs though depending on the blogger.

One thing you should note is that don’t think as a blogger you should charge less than $100 per sponsored content.

This is why!

The moment you come to an agreement with a brand, you take your time writing killer content for them and putting them in the limelight you should be pretty much indemnified.

Moreover, you’ll obviously make sure you pay attention to on-page optimization techniques and be on constant communication with them to make sure you get exactly what they want.

Never underestimate your work. You have the opportunity to make huge returns from sponsored blog posts.

Popular sponsored post websites

Some sites have made it easier for publishers(bloggers) and brands to meet. This has even gone deeper in that some sites connect publishers with brands on specific niches.

Note: Always keep in mind that when signing up for these sites you should be pretty much detailed and fill out as much information as you can. This will increase your chances of finding a sponsor faster.

There are tons of such websites but here we’ll focus on a few of them to get you started.

1. Blog meets brand

They work with all kinds of influencers thereby you don’t have to worry about the niche you are in.

They are a marketplace that allows advertisers to gain access to bloggers for social content promotion and bloggers to monetize their blogs.

2. Webfluencial

Webfluential helps thousands of customers – from small e-commerce shops to big brands – to craft stories with influencers, share them with audiences and build their brands.

This is my favorite and the best that i recommend for Kenyan bloggers and influencers.

3. Pollinate

Pollinate is a perfect community for those who love being present on social media and sharing products and services that they feel others would benefit from.

4. Clever

CLEVER is the world’s first full-service influencer marketing and social impact agency. They handle all aspects of influencer programs from start to finish using the most advanced tools in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Always ensure that you always display your email address on your blog. Some companies do outreach themselves so make it easy for them to reach out to you.

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