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A Fresh Approach to SEO Services in Kenya

A Fresh Approach to SEO Services in Kenya

Let’s face it.  The constant updates on Google affects the way your business appears on search results. So, if you really do need to dominate on Google’s first pages, you definitely need SEO services to help you drive customers to your business and not to your competitors’ site.

One thing you should know about SEO is that there are no instant rankings. You need SEO services to deliver you to your goals.

So, why SEO services?

  1. Competitor analysis

The one thing you should know about SEO services is that with competitor analysis, you’ll get to know the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. This is where SEO services like SEMrush helps you do thorough competitor research.

This will help you find the best performing keywords that are driving massive search traffic to your competitors’. This is where you can be able to tell between a successful and a normal blog.

  • Keyword research  

With professional SEO services, you’ll have the ability to find top performing keywords best for your blog to increase your organic traffic.

I’d recommend SEMrush for most of your SEO services. SEMrush helps find the most profitable keywords on the niche of your choice. It definitely is the right keyword tool for you. You just enter any keyword related to your blogs topic and there you go, you’ll have the most accurate data on the keyword entered.

With the details offered, it’ll allow you make decisions on whether the keywords are a perfect match for your site or not.

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  • Full site audit

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to find out how their site is doing and know what to improve to increase their search traffic? This is the reason why you really need to utilize the benefits that come along with SEO services for your site.

There are a bunch of SEO audit tools that offer the same SEO services. But again, I’d recommend SEMrush pro to be able to get hold of the major and minor issues that your website may have.

With SEMrush, just enter your domain details and it’ll take care of everything for you. You’ll get an overview of every single detail about your blog from top issues, errors to warnings that are harming your site.

With all these on your plate, what more would you need from SEO services?

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  • Domain comparison

In SEO services, this is basically getting the comparison of various domains simultaneously by showing the increase of links to a domain. With this, you get an all round idea of which domains are gaining and those going down on search results.

With SEMrush SEO services, you are able to do a comparison of up to 5 domains for a quality check

  • Brand monitoring

It is important for every business to monitor their brand. We all know that brand mentions can definitely have an effect on your business.

With SEMrush SEO services tool, they have a brand monitoring tool that you’ll automatically be notified of latest mentions of yours or your competitor’s brand and be able to have an analysis in a single place.

With this:

  • You can keep track of all your online mentions
  • Find new opportunities for your brand
  • Track and manage backlinks

With this tool, you’re able to know where your brand is, where it’s being mentioned around the web and the sources of your backlinks and that of your competitors and also the opportunities coming your way for you to take an action on them.

  • Keyword and position tracking

Increasing SERP rankings is a smart move that most SEO experts go for. I know how hard it can be to track your rankings if you have no access to the right SEO services tools.

Wish to know how many keywords are currently ranking in search results? Having trouble tracking your keyword position? This is why I again and again recommend SEMrush for all your SEO services. It can help you track all your keywords and also be able to check their positions on search results.

You’ll also be able to get the updated keyword rankings every 24 hours.

  • Detailed competitor analysis

How great can it be spying on your competitors? This should be the more reason why you should grab SEMrush pro free for 30 days SEO services tool. With it, you’ll be able to spy on your competitors’ traffic stats and get an overview of the site’s organic traffic and traffic trend

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for the best company offering SEO services, then I urge you to grab SEMrush and it’ll guarantee you results. It’s the must have SEO tool for every blogger with struggles to increase traffic or finding best keywords that can increase their general search traffic.

I know on the downside it can really be pricy especially for starters but the results will surprise you. with it you’ll have a successful SEO.

Grab SEMrush today and start your journey up on search rankings.

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