About us

About us


Hello, I’m SHADRACK BIWOT a digital content creator, marketing strategist, shoe enthusiast and an entrepreneur.
like many, I started blogging for the money not because I lacked but because I wanted to boost my sources of income and yes like I expected it worked out for me. everything changed after a cousin of mine currently in her second year taking bachelors degree in education wanted me to mentor her so that she could be able to have a source of income while still at school.
I did mentor her and now she’s a successful lifestyle blogger able to take care of some of her expenses through blogging and content marketing.
With this I came to the realization that if I could do this for her I could be able to mentor many especially with the rising cases of lack of employment opportunities.

My goal is to be able to offer help to SaaS founders biuld their brand through the power of their content. 

With my passion for software as a service (SaaS)  it would be my utmost joy to witness the growth of small B2B businesses start-ups. 


-mentor SaaS start-ups and bloggers in general through my posts to help them biuld their brand

-work with interested professionals inorder to help upcoming bloggers biuld their brand.

-Start a free online course for bloggers and content marketers.

If you believe that my idea and my goal could make a difference then contact me on the contact form below and will get back to you in an hours time. You can also offer your help through guest posting with content that can help upcoming SaaS companies and bloggers in general.

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