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Content writing is like an art whereas content optimization is how you ensure the art is seen by the appropriate person.

Do you know the amount of traffic you’re losing if you’re not paying attention to content optimization? To make your work of creating killer content easy, there are plenty of content optimization tools.

With content optimization tools, you’re able to:

  1. Identify content problems
  2. Get appropriate recommendations
  3. Grow your traffic

The big mistake that most of us make is that we tend to create content, do some marketing then forget about the content that you invested so much of your precious time on.

In this article, you’ll grow your knowledge of ranges of content optimization tools that should be your content creation ally.

Best content optimization tools

General writing tools

In this section, let’s have a look at tools you can use to optimize content and guarantee yourself higher rankings.

  1. Grammarly

content optimization

This is a very popular tool that should probably be your content ally. This content optimization tool scans your content for spelling and grammatical errors.

The good thing with Grammarly is that it is available for all platforms and works with all writing platforms including Microsoft word and google docs.

2. SEMrush writing assistant

I don’t think you really need an introduction to SEMrush as they are pretty much established. You can be able to access this tool as a WordPress plugin, Google docs extension, or on the web.

This tool best helps you build SEO friendly content. It scans pages for targeted keywords and in turn, gives you recommendations to help you make changes to your article.

content optimization

As you can see on the image above, you’re offered recommendations such as:

number of words


Readability score

With the mentioned recommendations, you’re able to optimize your content for search engines. This tool is available in the paid version.

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3. Rank math

If using WordPress as your publishing platform, then you must have come across the Rank math SEO plugin. This tool majorly focuses on On-page SEO.

This tool does all the hard work analyzing your content and recommending changes.

It offers recommendations in three categories:

  1. Content readability

content optimization

2. Basic SEO

content optimization

3. Title readability

content optimization

This tool also does social media optimization. You can make content more shareable on social media platforms of your choice.

content optimization

4.  Short pixel image optimizer

If you’re up for a fast loading website, then image optimization should be a priority.

The plugin automatically reduces image size with image quality not tampered with.

5.  Clear scope

This is a popular content optimization tool with a neat interface. They offer a Google docs addon.

It helps in identifying the content gap of your articles and the top-ranking articles.

It comes at $350/month.

content optimization

This tool is very efficient and straight forward in making your content more valuable and attractive.

6.  Surfer SEO

This is a popular SEO tool used by experts. it offers you a more specialized tool for SEO.

This tool uses data-driven recommendations in finding your target keywords. It also offers you the opportunity of getting a comparison between your webpage and that of your competitors.

content optimization

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