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Email Marketing Made Simple: Complete Beginners best Guide in 2021

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to customers and potential customers.

With an effective email marketing strategy, the possibility of converting prospects to buyers is pretty high and you might end up turning a buyer into a loyal customer.

This guide is meant for those interested in committing to email marketing. To understand why this guide is for you to read: the power of email marketing.

By the end of this complete beginners guide, you’ll have built your knowledge on:

  1. How to build an email list with the right audience
  2. How to optimize emails for high open and click rates
  3. Automation of leads to customers

Why Email Marketing?

Over 35% of the world population uses email. That’s an estimate of about 2.5 billion people and as you know, this is bound to increase.

To put this simply, email marketing is a powerful way of connecting. Putting it in your own environment, do you know of anyone without an email address? They probably do receive a number of HTML emails daily, read them, and look forward to reading more.

It’s also a perfect way of reaching out on a personal basis. That’s why it works best when it’s personalized.

Still not convinced if email marketing is really for you? Let me give you reasons to convince you otherwise.


Email marketing offers you the opportunity to reach a huge number of your customers at a cost of almost nothing.

The truth is in years now, email marketing has been generating the highest RIO for marketers consecutively.

Personal and customizable

With email marketing, all you are doing is segmenting your audience to list and sending emails that resonate with each of your created lists or prove to be of value.

With social media, when you write a post you address all your audience not minding whether it proves to be of value to them or not. But with email marketing, you have the opportunity to address your audience at a personal level.

It’s a vital way of building strong relations which end up converting to leads and eventually to sales and probably to loyal customers.

According to research, emails with subject lines inclusive of the recipient’s name are more likely to be opened.


Ever given it a thought that everyone has something to do with an email? They can forward, reply, click-through, even sign up or even purchase an item.

Email is naturally transactional and can be used to drive traffic and grow sales for your site.

How Email Marketing works

The moment you get to understand the importance of email marketing and it’s best practices chances are that you are ready to dive in headfirst.

Before you start sending emails to your list, you need to understand email marketing to be able to develop a cycle that best works for you.

To understand how it works let’s take a look at each step of a marketing email.


This is a very vital part of your email. It can make or break your campaign.

The subject determines whether the email will be opened or not. So you need to work on your subject in order to attract your audience’s attention.

Take time to create not only a catchy subject but also one that makes clear what the email is about.

The body

The content of the email also needs to be carefully thought of. Use language that is in line with your brand and the campaign.

Don’t use caps on your email; it’s as much as shouting and I bet your audience wouldn’t tolerate being yelled at.

So in place of where you feel like writing in caps makes a point of highlighting by bolding or italicizing.

Make the body of the email short and precise.


The design has a high impact on readability and conversion rate. This goes more than just images. It entails the colors you use and how the information has been presented.

Always keep your design simple and in line with your branding.

Make sure that your design is mobile responsive.

Call to action

Be sure to put it out clearly what you want your audience to do. Also, make sure the CTA motivates action.

Always ensure that you use active verbs on your CTA. “download”, “call”, etc. to let your readers understand exactly what they are supposed to do.

Getting started

Choose an email marketing platform

If serious about starting email marketing, you need to choose an email marketing service provider that you’ll be working with.

This is the only sure way you can leverage your email automation and deliver huge messages to your subscribers.

When choosing an email service provider, you should keep in mind

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Security

In this case, I’d recommend Mailchimp for beginners. With this service provider, you are offered up to 2000 subscribers and up to 10,000 free emails per month. Which is even enough for an experienced marketer.

Growing your list

I bet you might have some contacts to start with. These are people you already have a relation with.

Even when building from scratch, you need not be discouraged. Start by putting a sign-up form on your website and encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your site.

The one thing I love about MailChimp is that you are able to add a subscription form on your Facebook page.

You can grow your lists through:

  1. Referral programs
  2. Pop up sign up forms
  3. Conducting giveaways
  4. Creating killer content
  5. Creating how-to videos

email marketing

Segment your list

The whole point of segmenting your email list is to offer your audience more relevant content.

To achieve this, you’ll have to craft emails that put into consideration not just segments but also leads and trigger events.

To get you started, you can segment your list according to:

  1. Age
  2. Geography
  3. Gender
  4. Persona
  5. Job industry
  6. Past purchases
  7. Buying frequency
  8. Change in buying behavior
  9. Call to action clicks
  10. Usage.

Improving your open ratio

  1. Keep your list fresh
  2. Work on your timing
  3. Create killer content
  4. Create subject lines that stand out
  5. Avoid writing to an audience. Write to one person
  6. Write like a friend
  7. Keep your list fresh

Email automation

This is a way of reaching people is simply creating emails that reach the right people containing the right messages at the right time without lifting a finger.

With an email automation tool, you can reach your audience according to preference, behavior, previous purchases, etc.

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