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The Power of Email Marketing in your Digital Marketing Strategy

email marketing

With the ongoing trends, it is obvious that the entire world is going digital. The online world has become everyone’s ally be it in education, entertainment, shopping, etc. this usage is bound to grow in the near future. This is why email marketing has to come in.

To be successful in digital marketing, you should bear in mind that email marketing is the cornerstone of every successful strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

This is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to customers or prospects. Effective email marketing turns prospects to customers and customers to buyers.

Why Email Marketing?

Despite the rise in social media platforms, email marketing remains to be #1 most effective way of nurturing leads and boosting customer loyalty. Why though? It’s because email marketing brings unbeatable RIO compared to other marketing channels.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is an Important Part of Digital Marketing

There are tons of reasons why email marketing is so crucial and why you need to make it one of your priorities but we’ll just cover the top 7

  1. Cost-effective

Email generates $38 for every $1 spent according to research. This explains why marketers are gravitating towards email marketing as they are offered an unbeatable RIO.

2. You own your own list

Unlike social media where your account along with your followers might be suspended for no reason and with no notice, with email marketing, you own your own list, something that no one can take away from you.

3. Longer lifespan

Unlike social media posts that are likely to have a shorter lifespan of around 20 minutes, email offers a long-lasting way of connecting with your subscribers.

Your emails get a proper placement in your inbox where they can be easily accessed for reference later on.

4. Email automation

Emails now offer a tailored way of sending to new or existing customers. This offers you the opportunity to personalize your messages.

This is the most perfect way of attracting new customers and enticing the existing ones.

5. Ties all marketing techniques together

Each of your marketing efforts can be promoted via email. No matter what it is email marketing remains to be the heartbeat of it all. Be it creating content and sharing to subscribers, driving in more traffic, promoting and product and doing a follow-up, etc.

Email marketing tactics you need to grow to

  1. avoid buying an email list

Marketers are always in haste when they start off. Creating an opt-in subscriber list takes time while buying one is instant. But do not build hopes from purchasing email lists. They are bound to fail because these subscribers are not targeted and not interested in getting your emails.

2. Use double opt-in

This is rather one of the reasons you may be losing potential subscribers. Marketers fear a double opt-in may result in a user changing their mind and ultimately not subscribing. Why not cross-check them with a double opt-in option? This will ensure that everyone on your list really wishes to be there.

3. Be consistent.

Email marketing needs to have a planned approach. Most marketers will take to their email campaign with energy, sending 5 emails to recipients in one week and then not sending anything for two weeks. The subscriber will either unsubscribe or will ignore such inconsistent email sending. Emails need to be sent consistently to develop a habit for the subscriber. Around 2-3 emails a week is a good frequency.

4. Purge inactive users.

When your list has subscribers who have never opened your emails or have not opened your emails for quite a long time, it is always preferable to deactivate or purge them from active sending. Don’t get into the trap of thinking that a bigger number of subscribers is better. Your statistics will get messed up and you will lose motivation. Always keep your list active.

5. Avoid using spammy words in the email content.

This is another common mistake as many marketers are not aware of words that trigger spam filters. Many of these spam words are common and will not strike the sender as objectionable, but will get flagged as spam content.

6. use attractive titles

Many email marketers do not give any importance to the email’s subject line. The subject line is as important as a pickup line! If it fails to attract the subscriber’s attention within a single glance, the subscriber will never open the email. Some common unattractive subject lines used while sending newsletters are “Newsletter Issue#33”, “Feb Newsletter”, etc.

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