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Must know Google AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers in 2020

We all are definitely looking to monetize our websites with alternatives that pay higher just like Google Adsense. If so then you are at the right place. In this article, I’ll cover other possible platforms that you can use to make money as a blogger.
For most beginners, Adsense is their immediate choice for them to earn money from. But as a beginner, I’d advise you to compare all the possible platforms before coming to a conclusion that’s if you are getting decent traffic to your website.
There are loads of other Adsense alternatives that you can use as a publisher to start earning big even with limited traffic. There are also other income streams like affiliate marketing where you can earn a ton of money.

High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives

  1. Media.net
    Media.net is one of the best platforms that most bloggers use to maximize their income and is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. Media.net is a yahoo powered network that helps you boost your monthly revenue by monetizing your online content where you can place contextual ads on your site. media.netThe ads are perfectly elegant that match your blog design.
    The minimum payout threshold for Media.net is $100 with Payoneer or Wire Transfer as the available payment methods. You are paid on a NET 30 basis. That means, if the Publisher’s unpaid earnings exceed $100 in March, the Publisher will receive the payment by the end of April.
    Media.net Minimum Requirements

Your blog’s primary language should be English. If not, your application will be rejected. This ad network (by bing &yahoo) accepts those websites with English as the primary language.

  • Your blog should be regularly updated at the time of applying for approval. This is their main criteria as they only accept active blogs.
  • Along with having quality and valuable content, your website shouldn’t indulge in pornographic or other controversial content.
    Click here to sign up for Media.net to start monetizing your site with highly relevant contextual ads.
  • 2. Infolinks
    This is a widely used ad publishing network used by more than 100,000 publishers worldwide. It’s a popular inline text advertising network most suitable for sites receiving high traffic. The best way to boost your income from Infolinks is not to put more links on one single page, try to limit them to 6 to 8 Infolinks per page and you will definitely notice some good results.infolinks
    Payment can be received via PayPal after reaching the threshold of $50 every 45 days. They make payments through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH, etc
    Here are a few remarkable features of using Infolinks on your sites.
    • Has got a quick and easy setup with no changes
    • tightly integrated ads with your content with no additional space required
    • Free sign up with no commitment or risk
    • Infolinks earnings are decent and if you get more traffic from countries like the US, UK, Canada, your monthly earnings will be even higher.
    Minimum entry Requirements
    • Infolinks takes up to 3 days to approve or reject your blog whereas AdSense takes about 1 week to respond
    • Any site that’s related to adult, gambling, race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, etc is NOT allowed
    • The best part is, Infolinks is open to every website owner with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors
    Click here to join Infolinks for free and earn 20% more for 6 months if you insert ad code live within 24 hours of joining and are approved.
  • BuySellAds
    BuySellAds is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives if I consider the earning potential we have with them. Buy-Sell Ads is the marketplace for buying and selling ad space on websites and blogs.
    It is by far the best alternative for high traffic sites. BuySellAds does not accept low traffic sites into its network. Working as a publisher with them, you need to create ads inventory into your account, and once you get a banner advertising initiation, you need to accept or reject it.
    Can you make money with BuySellAds?
    Yes, definitely if you have quality traffic and if you get a good number of page views each and every month. There’s a downside of making money with buy sell ads, whenever a published is interested in putting their ads on your site, the buy-sell ads network pays you only 75%, the remaining 25% goes directly to their hands.
    BuySellAds Minimum Requirements
    • Your site should have at least 50,000-page impressions per month
    • Their network primarily consists of English websites, so you’ll have more chances if your site’s primary content is in English
    • Your website should be updated regularly with 100% unique content and it usually takes 2 business days to receive a response from their approvals team
    Here’s the sign-up link to join as a publisher at BuySellAds for free.
  • Bidvertiser
    Bidvertiser is a great alternative to AdSense which guarantees full coverage for desktop and mobile which offers real-time optimization.
    Apart from getting paid for each Bidvertiser ad on your websites, you will be paid extra money for every conversion coming through your ads.adsense alternative
  • This ad publishing network is powered by AI and designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop. One of the best features of using Bidvertiser is it has a conversion bonus if any of your website clicks turn to valid leads.
    The above formats allow you to put the Bidvertiser ads in the best visible places on your blogs to get more clicks to increase your ad revenue.
    Bidvertiser Minimum Requirements
    • You can monetize everything ranging from websites, toolbars, extensions to mobile apps, search, and domains.
    • Once you complete the basic information and complete the signup, an activation code will be sent to you (do not close the signup page), just insert it and agree to the terms of conditions.
    • Then, you need to proceed to the next step. Finally, enter your phone details and click on submit (you should receive a phone call and a text message). Now, you can enter the code you received and your approval should go through.
    • Various display banners available such as pop-unders, sliders, smart links, XML, and programmatic
    Bidvertiser Payment Details
    Bidvertiser sends payments to its publishers via Bitcoin, Check, Wire, and Paypal. You can get money transferred into your PayPal account instantly once you have reached the minimum payout of $10. Bidvertiser makes sure that only ads with the highest bids will be shown on your websites and blogs.
    Click on this link to join Bidvertiser today.
  • Taboola
    Taboola is the world’s largest content discovery platform with over 1.4 billion monthly users and serving over 450 billion recommendations and it can easily replace AdSense. It sends traffic from your site to the advertiser site using personalized related posts on your blog posts.
    These ads can be placed after blog posts, on the sidebar, or wherever you think they fit. Taboola can be a potential competitor if you have sites with viral traffic like news sites, or gossip sites.
    The minimum payment threshold of Taboola is $50 and Taboola issues your payment 45 days after the end of the month that you signed up with Taboola.
    Immediately after joining, it’ll take their team some time to moderate your site. If you have a blog with original content, within 2 days, you will qualify to use their program to make money.
    Payments are made through Payoneer that too with no deduction for transfer nor withdrawal fees.

Taboola Minimum Requirements
• You should be at least 18 years old and you should own and operate your websites
• Your site should only publish content that’s NOT scraped or copyrighted content (it should be 100% unique and original.
Click here to sign up and start earning with toobla.
6. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
Unlike Adsense, you can earn money for actual sales. They are responsive ad units that can be placed at the end of the content or within to boost your sales.
Amazon affiliate program pays you up to 10% of the sale amount depending on the type of products you sell.
There are 3 payment options provided which are bank transfer, gift card, or cheques.
Amazon Native Shopping Ads Minimum Requirements
• There are no minimum traffic metrics required. All you need is to sign up for their publisher account and once signed up, you can start using their ads to make money.
Click on this link to sign up for Amazon Associates Native Shopping Ads program for free.
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