6 smart ways to grow YouTube subscribers


If you currently have a YouTube channel, you must be wondering how you can get more YouTube subscribers.

  • Should you buy YouTube subscribers?
  • Are there free ways to get more subscribers on YouTube?

With a smart strategy and persistence, you could be the next big YouTube star with tons of subscribers.

smart ways to get more YouTube subscribers

  1. Create a highly engaging content

You need to create content that is engaging, informative, and most of all, entertaining and that it stays that way for the entire period of the video. Losing the focus at the middle will cost you viewers.

By now you must have realized that content that is either entertaining or informative works magic. This is pretty standard with any kind of content marketing, but in particular, videos that enlighten and entertain are usually very successful.

Always ensure that you upload evergreen videos that will be of relevance irrespective of time.

If you are camera shy, try publishing ‘Screencasts‘. You can still make screencasts entertaining and informative.

Whatever you do, before hitting the publish button, be sure your videos are highly engaging and will be of great value to your audience.

2. Use the appropriate tools

With new trends emerging daily, a lot of great tools are out there. From tools that aid you in making videos to tools to help you promote your videos, using appropriate tools will help you increase your organic viewers.

We all know that the more organic views you have, the more potential subscribers you’re bound to you can get.

I suggest you try out TubeBuddy and make it your vlogging ally.

3. Work on your publishing frequency

Why do you usually subscribe to a Youtube channel?  This is because you must have fallen in love with the publishers work and would love to see more.

Most Youtube subscribers are interested in publishers who are able to meet their demands. So if you do not meet their demands, this is probably why you are losing your viewers or not getting subscribers as expected.

Consistency is the key in building a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers.

Always ensure you stick to your schedule and do not upload videos off schedule. This consistency will help you stay focused as a publisher.

4. Have a plan

Before you launch your Youtube channel, you must have a plan on what your channel will be all about.

Also keep in mind that you should also have a plan on what you’re going to create and the skills that are required for the particular niche. A piece of advice “avoid copying other trending youtube channels” Be you. doing what you love on youtube will guarantee you success as you’ll never ran out of ideas.

Moreover, videos do perform better when you’re on script. This will help you be on track with a perfect flow of events.

Also, you should know who your target audience are and base your script on what they are after.

Are they non-native English speakers?

Are they smart or dumb?

What are their levels of expertise in relation to yours? Do they want something funny or informative?

Identify who your audience is and use proper language.

5. Collaborate with other Youtubers

This is something that has become pretty trendy today among content creators.

Why is it so?

  • Because collaboration is a win-win for both parties

It’ll be of benefit to you, your collaborators and most of all, your audience. So stop seeing other Youtubers as competitors but as people that can contribute to your success.

Try to reach out to similar users in your field and ask them out for an opportunity to work together on something interesting.

This will give you an opportunity to connect with a new audience, same goes for your collaborator and your viewers.

6. Connect your channel to your website/blog

YouTube has an option to link to your official web page, and if you’ve got one, make sure you do it.

You can capitalize your efforts of trying to grow your viewers by directing them to your official website.

Under the channel settings of your YouTube page, add your website/blog URL to your channel.

Also consider adding your website/blog URL in the channel description itself.

Likewise, add a ‘Subscribe’ button somewhere on your blog to drive more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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  2. Content is the king! If you have engaging content and you’re consistent half the battle is won. You’ve given the other half in the post and if I ever launch my YouTube channel I am going to use this list.

  3. Great post for youtubers. I have to admit I am not really a youtube person but it is sure of a great use for bloggers there

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