Interested in boosting your site’s traffic? Join our SEO, affiliate sales and traffic circle and let it drip

Looking forward to running a money making blog?

Struggling to build your website’s traffic?

At SHADRACK BIWOT, we offer premium blog consultation service.

This service is for those interested in making blogging a way of boosting their sources of income.

So if serious about making money blogging, you should consider our blogging consulting services.

Why our consultation service?

At SHADRACK BIWOT we can help you:

  • Increasing your site’s traffic
  • boost your sales and overall earnings
  • Increasing your website conversions
  • Site audits, keyword research etc.

Increasing Your site’s Traffic

We all know the amount of headache lack of lack of site traffic is for most bloggers. The more people visit your blog, the more monetization options you got.

More traffic = More money!

If you problems when it comes to site traffic we are here to help.

to take your blog traffic to the next level, we’ll put the following aspects into consideration.

  • Keyword research long tail keywords included
  • Fixing of on-page SEO issues like Title & Meta, Heading Tags, Broken Links, Crawling Errors, Sitemap and robots.txt files etc
  • Improving your site’s speed
  • Help you get targeted backlinks from your niche
  • in-depth competitor analysis and finding their most performing keywords

If you’re interested, mail us at info@shadrackbiwotkeyleafy.co.ke with “traffic” as your subject

Boost Earnings

This is specially meant for those having decent traffic but earning peanuts from it. I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to earn a decent income even after working your ass out to build a decent traffic for your blog.

So if this is your problem, then we are here to help.

Just, mail us at info@shadrackbiwotkeyleafy.co.ke with the subject “earnings”

What else do we offer?

Here are a few more things we can help you with;

  • Website audits:If wondering why you’re still not getting the kind of traffic and sales you deserve, it might mostly be because you’ve some technical or SEO related issues with your site. So if interested, mail us at info@shadrackbiwotkeyleafy.co.ke with the word “audit”
  • Keyword research: this is the first step to SEO success. We’ll help you find profitable and low competitive keywords for your blog.

Just email us at info@shadrackbiwotkeyleafy.co.ke with the word “keyword”


If you expect results within 24 hours then don’t go for our services.

If someone promises you to deliver results overnight, don’t trust them. it takes time to build a better blog that actually drives traffic and sales.

You need to invest your time and money and be consistent for at least 6 months to get great results from your blog.

Who should avoid joining our blog consulting?

Our blog consulting is not for you:

  • If you’re in for an overnight success
  • If you are not fully dedicated to putting in much effort
  • If you expect to make thousands over an hour of coaching

It’s for everyone who is the exact opposite of that.

If interested stepping into my blog consulting circle, mail us at:


Also get in touch to get our prices