how to make money from affiliate sales

How to Make Money from Affiliate Sales

      how to make money from affiliate sales

       Affiliate sales guide for beginners

Most beginners struggle to make affiliate sales from their blogs. How do I make my first sale? It can be a valid question for most beginners or  for anyone who has not been able to make their first affiliate sales.

We all need that first affiliate sale to be a motivation and also show us that the hard work and determination put in affiliate marketing haven’t gone to waste. If you are curious about making it through selling affiliate products then this blog is for you.

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What is affiliate marketing?

This is a marketing arrangement whereby an online retailer pays an external website for traffic or for sales generated from it through referrals.

How to make your first affiliate sales.

To be able to make your first affiliate sale, you have to sell the benefits and not the features of a product. If you put this into consideration, making your first affiliate sale will be a piece of cake.

Most beginners same like I did create multiple reviews and wait to make their sales.

Why should you sell the benefits and not the features?

I’m not saying that when reviewing a product you shouldn’t mention the features of the product. No. the point is that the benefits of using the product give the buyer more reasons why they should purchase the product unlike features, they just tell what the product entails.

Let’s go with an example of a cell phone that has 64 GB storage. That storage space is the feature of the cell phone. But what can you do with the amount of storage space will give your buyer more reasons to purchase that product.

Try putting these small changes into consideration when reviewing your products and it’ll surprise you by enabling you make your first affiliate sale and more to come.

What affiliate products should you sell?

You should be pretty picky when it comes to products. Don’t stick your blog with a lot of affiliate products rather you should just pick few affiliate products that work for you and be consistent.

Don’t go for products just because of the commission they have to offer, you should focus on products that you’ve tried and know what it has to offer and that will leave your buyers satisfied.

Blog traffic

Blog traffic is like the heart of your blogging career. Your blog is bound to die if you aren’t generating decent traffic. You need to increase your overall traffic to succeed in affiliate marketing and increase your affiliate sales. Focus on building your blog traffic before signing up for affiliate programs.

You can be able to build your blog traffic by:

Making use of social media

Interacting with other bloggers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others can be really helpful in growing your overall traffic. This will help you build your brand that way you can promote your blog posts and your affiliate products.

Be conversant with SEO

Learn to optimize your blogs and build relevant backlinks to your blogs this will help you get targeted traffic from search engines thereby increasing your general affiliate sales.

Why most beginners fail to make affiliate sales

Most beginners fail because they launch their blogs, signup for affiliate programs, and wait for sales to happen.

Why do they fail?

Lack of consistency

Nothing good comes easy. You don’t expect to launch a blog and in a month or two, be able to make huge sales. It takes time to build a money-making blog the reason why consistency is key.

Looking for shortcuts

Most of us want to get rich quick. We want to make huge sales in a week or so and when it doesn’t go our way, we give up. My advice would be, set long-term goals, and never give up. This will in the long run bare fruits for your career in affiliate marketing

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  4. Great tips for Affiliate Sales! I think you are spot on about setting up a long term plan and writing down some goals. Too many people quit before they see a return.

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