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7 Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools to Help you Grow

keyword research tool

Keyword research tools prove effective when it comes to keyword research shortcuts.

We all know that the key to successful SEO is concentrating on keyword research.

In this post, we’ll cover the best free and paid keyword research tools.

Before it, when doing keyword research, you need to put to consideration:

Keyword volume: the more straight to the point the better


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Free Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google keyword planner

This is a great foundation especially if you use AdWords on your campaigns. This free keyword research tool has been a favorite to many for years now.

You’ll definitely need to create an AdWords account to be able to use the keyword planner. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to necessarily create an ad.

The one thing I love about this tool is that you’re able to get information directly from Google. This is the search engine top bloggers are most likely targeting.

When you key in one or multiple keywords, you’ll have access to related keywords with metrics to weigh the competition.

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  1. Ubersuggest

This tool helps you generate keyword ideas for your content. With ubersuggest keyword research tool, you’ll have access to hundreds of suggestions with data such as:



Search volume

Keyword ideas

They are also able to give you access to a list of keywords based on what is working for your competitors and what people are searching for.


  1. Answer the public

This could be a go for the tool for anyone looking for a free keyword tool. This tool lets you find long-tail keywords based on seed keywords.

You can be able to search up to 3 free keywords daily.

Paid keyword research tools

  1. SEMrush

This is a highly competitive keyword research tool.

With SEMrush, you’re able to spy on your competitors’ keywords. With this, you’ll know what your competitors are doing that you’re not. This way, you can be able to up your game.

They come in three paid monthly plans: Pro, Guru and Business plan valued at the prices below.

semrush pricing plan

With this tool, you have access to 20billion keywords with a lot of data like:

Keyword suggestions

Search volume

Keyword trend, etc.

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  1. Ahrefs

This tool is a replica of SEMrush though a bit more advanced as compared to SEMrush. This tool has the ability to give an estimation of how many searchers turn out to be visitors.

It also aids in competitive research. It gives you access to information such as:

Keyword difficulty

Search volume

Organic clicks

CPC value, etc.

This tool comes in four different pricing plans namely: lite, standard, advanced and agency valued at the below prices.

Ahrefs pricing plan

  1. MOZ keyword tool

This is a great tool to help you find keywords to target for SEO.

This tool estimates the keywords that led to your page visits. It also gives insights to making it to the top page.

You’ll have access to information such as:

Keyword search volume

Keyword difficulty

Keyword opportunity

Keyword potential

They come in four payment plans with a 30days free trial. You can choose to either make a monthly or yearly payment.


  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the best SEO optimization software products on the market. It’s especially useful if you’re trying to analyze and stay ahead of the competition in a tight niche.

Here’s what you need to know about this one:

    • Uses: SpyFu is highly useful for two important reasons.
      • Understanding your competition’s SEO platform.
      • Discovering under-served, untapped, or emerging markets.
    • Features: SpyFu also has several modules.
      • Compare Websites module
      • Keyword History module
      • Domain History module
      • Related Keywords module
    • Limitations: This program doesn’t have the depth of keywords that some competitors do, although this is changing. Also, the data for SpyFu is monthly, rather than in real-time.


  • Pricing: SpyFu offers two basic pricing plans as well as an “Agency” plan.
      • The basic plans are $79 and $99 per month (with a discount of more than 40% if you buy a one year term).
      • The “Agency” pricing is $999 per month



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