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4 Best Ways on How to Make Money in Kenya

We all know that unemployment is a major challenge that affects the youths across the country. That said, to tackle unemployment in Kenya the private sectors and the government have to work together to develop innovative business models in order to curb the unemployment among the youth.

Sadly, none of that seems to be working anytime soon while the painful truth is that the youths have to find a way to make money in Kenya for them to be able to survive another day.

The internet is taking a large print in the global economy at a high speed. With this, multiple ways of earning an income online has also largely grown. This is why as a youth looking forward to making money in Kenya need to take advantage of these to diversify their income sources.

make money in kenya

In this blog we’ll discuss the various ways you can be able to employ inorder to make money in Kenya. This is not just for those sourcing for employment but for anyone looking for multiple ways of earning an income in kenya.

4 Profitable Ways to Make Money in Kenya

  1. Online Writing.

Online writing has become quite popular in Kenya and one of most common sources of income for many unemployed youths. This has become a norm to many not just the unemployed but also for those Kenyans looking for ways to diversify their sources of income.

With the high demand for online writers, there has been a formation of platforms where one can work online and get paid from the comfort of their homes. this provides a perfect ground to make money in kenya.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 famous online writing platforms:


Currently, this is the best freelancing website I’d suggest for anyone interested in online writing. Upwork gives professionalism a very high priority.

This website really pays well especially when your work is of high quality and most of all you should be consistent.

On average you can be paid between $50-$200  per 500 words though this highly depends on the contract you’re in.

How to join Upwork

You’ll first have to create a professional profile, fill in all the required details and submit it for approval.

Click here to join Upwork

You can either choose to sign up with Google or with your email address.


After account approval, the steps that follow in your account verification. For this you might have to get to a video call with one of upworks’s team.

After this, you’re good to go, you’ll be able to apply or submit proposals for opportunities in your line of work.

You’ll get paid upon the completion of every contract that you signed into. Good news is that for Kenyans Upwork pay through Mpesa.

This is also a site similar to upwork where you can be highered for various categories of work.

The difference between and Upwork is the approval process. For, upon joining, you’re  given a writer’s entrance test that on successful completion, you’re qualified to become a freelancer on this site.

The downside of is that you’re only allowed up to 8 projects in a month, you’re required to upgrade to a paid account if you go beyond that.

Click here to join

You can choose to either sign up with facebook or with your email.


The money is available to you upon the completion of your contract with payments made through PayPal. this is my second best way to make money in Kenya.


This is another freelancing site best if you want to make money in kenya. The one thing I like about Fiverr is that there is no approval process. All you need to do is to create a profile with fiverr then create a gig.

A gig is basically where you’re showcasing your skills in your field of expertise and the services you’re offering.

Moreover, with fiverr, you set your own gig prices. What you need to keep in mind is that your gig needs to be as catchy as possible inorder to attract clients.

Click here to join fiverr

You can choose to join with facebook, Google or with your email address.


You do not need any educational qualifications to be a member of fiverr. All you need is the necessary skills in the kind of services you’ll be offering to your clients.

2. Register and sell Domains.

Registering and selling domainsAnother way to make money is Kenya though not highly exhausted. All you have to do is register catchy and popular domain names and sell them at an additional price.

You may also choose to take it further and host it in a popular hosting platform like Bluehost, rank it on Google then sell it at additional prices.

Popular sites like Flippa is popular for reselling domains

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3. Affiliate Marketing.

This is a way of earning a passive income. I’d say it works best for those running websites. You’ll also need to have fans or an audience that follow your blog inorder to make sels. I mean you don’t wanna be selling to ghosts don’t you?

To learn more on affiliate marketing, read:

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to be able to make money in Kenya. this is the perfect way to make money even when you sleep.

4. Blogging 

With a blog, you’ll be able to monetize your site with different ranges of money making sources like:

Ad networks 

Selling your own products

Affiliate marketing

To  grow your knowledge on blogging, read:

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among the above mentioned options to make money in Kenya, this is one of the option that i have fully exhausted and know all you need to succeed in it. feel free to subscribe to my newsletter below to be able to get weekly tips on how to make money in Kenya.


With the above, I bet you can at least find a way to earn an income to be able to beat the poverty among the youth brought about by lack of employment.

I know there are many ways that you can make money online in Kenya. If you feel I’ve left out a very helpful way that will help an unemployed youth somewhere, feel free to leave your views on the comment section below.

please also get in touch to learn more on how to make money in Kenya.

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