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Rank Math SEO Review: Why I Moved from Yoast

Is Rank Math SEO superior than Yoast?

Which is a go for tool in 2021?

Many of Shadrackbiwotkeyleafy’s readers have had this question for a while now and today, you’ll learn which is the better one.

Yoast SEO has dominated the field for years now. that said, recently Rank Math came up and it has taken over a huge community in short while.

In this article, we’ll give you an all round idea of the best SEO tool to go for.

we’ll be able to put in place a comparison of Yoast and Rank Math main functions.

what is Rank Math SEO?

This is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that aids users in optimizing their content with suggestions on widely accepted SEO best practices.

Currently, Rank Math SEO have 500,000+ active installation with a 4.9 star rating (1952 reviews).

A pro version will be released soon with all the current features remaining free meaning we expect greater results with the coming pro version.

Rank Math SEO vs Yoast comparison

Main functionRank MathYoast
User interfacemodern looking interfaceold looking interface
Keyword assigningunlimitedup to 5 pro version
Content optimizationupdated techniquesoutdated techniques
Featuresmore featureswide range features
Indexingfaster indexingslow
Performance3x smaller hence fastbigger than rank math
XML Sitemapgenerates sitemapdoesn’t

User Interface

Rank Math user interface proves that they took their time to understand their users as they provide a cleaner user interface.

they interface comes in two modes:

  1. Easy: rank math does all the work. you don’t have to make any changes to the settings.
  2. Advanced: allows users to have complete control over their site’s SEO.

with Yoast, the design is just one meant for every user.

with Rank Math SEO, you have that modern and appealing look and feel that makes SEO a fun thing to learn. you can navigate and locate anything you want at ease.

here’s how the dashboard looks:

Rank math seo

with Yoast, their look and feel is a little bit old fashioned. this doesn’t mean they aren’t efficient though as they have been in the field longer.

Focus Keyword

With Rank Math, you can add up to 5 focus keywords under normal circumstances.

This though can be increased by adding a filter to your page editor.

focus keyword

Yoast however only allows you to add only one focus keyword for free version and up to 5 for pro version.

Moreover, the fact that adding more keywords on Rank Math doesn’t directly benefit your SEO, you have the option to optimize your content for the added keywords.

with the title, meta description and the permalink, both plugins work the same.

Content Optimization

Content optimization guides offered by Rank Math and Yoast are there to aid your article rank better on search results.

content optimization

we cannot guarantee you that all the suggestions are going to work especially with the changes that come everyday but one thing is for sure, they are definitely useful.

in this case if you’ve tried using Rank Math SEO, you must have realized that they tend to use more updated techniques as compared to Yoast.

For better understanding, Yoast recommends placing your focus keyword in the first sentence while Rank Math recommends placing it in the first paragraph.

To Rank , you don’t necessarily need to have your focus keyword on the first sentence. this means Rank math uses more updated SEO techniques.


when it comes features, both tools have much to offer. But to be precise, Rank Math SEO has the upper hand.

Features that make Rank Math more superior

SEO analysis tool

Role manager

AMP support with advanced custom fields

Add missing alt attributes option

404 error monitor

rank math features

Rank Math vs Yoast performance

to get a better understanding of the performance of both plugins, we’ll look at them from two perspectives:

SEO performance

Plugin performance

SEO performance

One thing you should note is, switching to another tool isn’t going to guarantee you instant results.

That said, Rank Math has greater SEO features as compared to Yoast meaning you are guaranteed a better SEO performance.

Plugin performance

Rank Math is 3x smaller than Yoast SEO. This means that your website will benefit from fewer PHP requests and subsequently will be faster.

XML sitemap

Sitemap plays a key role when it comes to indexing.

If you lack sitemaps chances are most of your articles will never be indexed.

what I love about Rank Math SEO is tha it gets to automatically generate a sitemap.

XML sitemap
Final thoughts

Rank Math is a revolutionary SEO plugin that comes with a modern and easy to use user interface. It uses the most updated optimization techniques and lets you assign unlimited focus keywords and optimize your content for all of them.

with no contradiction, Rank Math is able to get great traction in a couple of years, and looking at its roadmap, it is definitely looking like a clear winner

if you have a different opinion or something to add please feel free to leave a reply in the comment section below.

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