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As days go by, the web gets pretty much littered with blogs. This explains how much competition for content continues to grow. On this blog, I’ll cover the most relevant pro blogging tips for beginners in 2020. We’ll talk about what it is that makes a blog take off and hits the road with thousands of readers in just a month moreover, we’ll cover the relevance of having thousands of readers for your blog and tips for sharing your blog with the targeted audience.
To simplify this, I’ll divide these tips into four main sections:
1.Keyword research
2.Blog management
4.Blog marketing
Ready to venture into blogging in 2020?? Then let’s get to it…
Keyword research is really important in helping you determine which keywords your targeted audience are keying in search engines when looking for content in your niche. For you to be able to achieve success in blogging as a beginner, then keyword research should be given a first priority for you to build your blog online presence.
If you are a newbie and just getting started with blogging, start by identifying a list of keywords relevant to your niche that are going to source relevant traffic to your website.
When using keywords, try targeting long-tail keywords. These are longer and more specific keywords that are less competitive (pro blogging tip). One of the best ways of finding long-tail keywords is by using Google suggestions. These suggestions do show popular searches that begin with the keyword that you are typing.
Now let’s talk about blog management. We all have different things that inspire us to create good content but having great content is just not enough. We need to put in place a process that will help execute.
This comes down to how often do you publish? Whether you publish daily, weekly, or monthly you need to build up and stick to your plan. For you to run a successful blog, you need to have a calendar that shows when to publish, the topics to be covered, and those responsible for the task. You can use tools such as Google calendar to develop an editorial calendar.
The URL and the blog title are the most crucial places that a keyword should appear. This gives Google the relevance of your content.
Having a great headline really contributes a lot to how many people get to see and read your blog post. Your headline should include your main keyword.
Writing content with a specific keyword in mind will automatically have the keyword appearing in the body a few times not forgetting the subheadings, image alt text, and the Meta description.
The more you optimize your post for organic search before posting the better.
If the blog does not appear on the first page these are simple questions to ask yourself that can help improve your ranking:
Is the keyword appearing enough times?
Is it possible to include more keywords?
Do you have internal and external links t your post?
Are the articles on the first page giving a better answer than you?
Aside from organic, marketing your blog posts will help optimize your blog. Social media promotion should be given a priority in marketing your blog. It is important to have social media sharing buttons to ease the sharing of your blog posts.
It is also important to have a subscriber option for one to build a base. This will help subscribers get a new blog post each time it’s published.

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  1. These are great suggestions for those that are starting out on their own new blogs. Thank you for putting it together!

  2. Really great tips!! It’s so hard starting out sometimes so I think newbies will appreciate this!

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