semrush affiliate

The SEMrush affiliate review: earn a 40% recurring commission!



40% recurring commission


completely free to join


coupon promoting websites not allowed



  • a 40% recurring commission
  • 10 years free cookie life
  • completely free to join
  • commission paid twice a month
  • minum payout is $50


  • coupon promoting websites not allowed

semrush affiliate

Looking for the perfect opportunity to monetize your blog? Searching for recurring affiliate programs that will guarantee you a lifetime recurring income? If so, try the SEMrush affiliate program.

If blogging for a while, then you must have realized that SEMrush is the most popular digital marketing tool for professionals.

It is used by over 6million people worldwide.

Below is an illustration of their figures.

semrush affiliate

What is the SEMrush affiliate program?

BeRush is the affiliate program of SEMrush SEO tool. It is a revenue-sharing partnership between SEMrush and its affiliates.

As an affiliate, you drive traffic to SEMrush. The moment your site’s visitor makes a purchase, you get to earn a commission.

So, are you ready to earn huge commissions with BeRush? Then let’s get into it.

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How to become a SEMrush affiliate

One thing you should know is that it’s absolutely free to join.

  1. Click here to register. The good thing is that all affiliate applications are pre-approved.
  2. After registration, you’ll be sent an activation email for you to activate your account.
  3. When done activating, it takes less than a minute to get you started.
  4. Log into your affiliate account to access your affiliate links and also be able to make any necessary changes to your profile.

semrush affiliate

How it works

BeRush offers a 40% recurring commission on every successful sale made. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to your referral ID to be able to make money from the program.

Each time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link you earn a commission for a lifetime till the time your referral stops making payment for the plan of their choice.

Why SEMrush affiliate program?

With the above mentioned, I know you might be thinking why should you bother being part of BeRush affiliates?

There are thousands of reasons but let’s take a look at the top two.

  1. 40% recurring commission for a lifetime

If your referral makes a purchase and gets to keep using the SEMrush tool for a couple of years, you’ll receive a 40% commission every month for as long as they pay for the tool.

So this only means that you’ll be earning money each month free only with an initial effort put on promoting the product.

2. An amazing product worth promoting

As an affiliate marketer, you must know how hard it can be to promote a bad product.

Every affiliate marketer should always keep in mind that in order to make thousands, you need a great product to promote, and with SEMrush, it offers you exactly the dream product of most successful affiliate marketers.

SEMrush guarantees your visitors over 40 awesome tools that will help them grow sales, traffic, and online conversions.

So with SEMrush, you’re guaranteed to convert leads to sales.

Proven ways that will guarantee more sales from SEMrush affiliate programs

You should be pretty tactical especially when it comes to promoting affiliate products. You can place your affiliate links on your blog, social media, etc. but believe you me, that ain’t enough to guarantee you sales.

You can promote your affiliate products through the below mentioned channels:

  1. Blog posts

Be sure to write as many blog posts, tutorials, and case studies around the SEMrush SEO tool. This will increase your chances of generating sales.

This is because blog posts help build awareness around the product. With honest reviews, you’re guaranteed to make sales.

2. Social media

This is the quickest way of quickly building your blog traffic.

Build your social media engagement with people interested in SEO.

With this, you’ll have the opportunity to promote SEMrush on social media and generate sales.

3.  Email newsletters

Every successful blogger knows the power of having an email list.

So if planning to promote SEMrush, then you definitely need to build an email list.

4.  eBooks

With eBooks, you can be able to offer a solution to a particular problem. This way, you can be able to build awareness around a particular product.

As for SEMrush, you can create eBooks on:

Keyword research

Competitor analysis

Try not to cover too many topics in order to be able to convert.

Pros And Cons of SEMrush Program


  • 40% recurring commission on every successful sale
  • 10 years of cookie life
  • Completely free to join and instant account setup
  • Here’s where their 10 years of cookie life helps you so much with your earnings.
  • Promote their SEO tool even if you don’t have a blog or website
  • Free trials are provided for everyone who’s promoting SEMrush (starts with 7-day free trials)
  • Commissions are paid twice a month (Payments are made on the 10th and 25th days of each month)
  • The minimum payout for PayPal is just $50 (for a Wire Transfer it is $1000)
  • Their affiliate dashboard contains a lot of data where you can see the date of purchase, the number of visits, sign-ups, sales, rebills (repeat payments) and so on
  • They also offer $100 monthly BeRush contests where you can earn $100
  • Subscribe at least to BeRush Affiliate Insider – Monthly newsletter with essential SEMrush & BeRush updates
  • BeRush support team is there for you to help


  • Coupon promoting websites are not allowed
  • Their “first cookie wins” model can also be a drawback for some affiliate marketers. What if you’ve convinced someone to purchase their tool with an amazing tutorial on SEMrush but the user already visited SEMrush site from someone else’s affiliate link? Due to their “first cookie wins” policy, they will get a commission but not you!

Should You Become An Affiliate With SEMrush affiliate program?

If you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or SEO, you should definitely give a try to BeRush.

It offers you a 40% recurring commission on all of their plans. By using the right content marketing strategies, you can definitely improve your overall earnings with SEMrush.

If your target audiences are running blogs, websites, apps, YouTube channels, etc – you can easily convince them to purchase SEMrush SEO toolkit.

What makes SEMrush affiliate programs unique?

Each month, BeRush has contests for their affiliates.

With the contest, you have the opportunity to win $1000, $500, or $200 for creating content on a piece of content.

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