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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Self-hosted WordPress blog in Kenya

we all know how costly running a self-hosted WordPress blog in Kenya can be.

How much will it cost you to start a self-hosted WordPress blog in Kenya?

in this article, I’ll share with you the minimum amount you’ll have to spend to be able to build a professional blog in Kenya that will make you proud when you share it with the world.

How much does it cost to start a wordpress blog in Kenya?

With wordpress, you can be able to start a blog with very little investment.

The wordpress software comes free of charge. You’ll only incur costs for your domain name and hosting platform.

Along the way, you might decide to spend more on customization, search engine optimization (SEO). But if you just intend to start a WordPress blog in Kenya, can start with a minimum of Ksh 2349 ($21) with Truehost

Hosting will cost Ksh 1499 ($13.78) and Ksh850 ($7.82) For a.COM domain name.

Domain cost for a WordPress blog in Kenya

This is the first thing you’ll have to shop for when starting off.

Domain name is more or less like an address. A way to locate you.

When it comes to the choice of a domain name, you should be pretty much picky. Only go for domain names that are either brandable or keyword-rich.

With Truehost, you have a wide variety to choose from .com, .africa, .co.ke, .xyz, .world, .net, etc. But I’d suggest going for either .co.ke or .com.

In case you interested in getting a cheaper domain from a different hosting platform, I’d recommend Bluehost hosting.

You’ll get a free domain name for the first year with a renewal of $8/year.

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web hosting

This is a vital part of your blog investment when starting out.

You should pay much attention to the quality of your hosting provider. Go for hosting providers who are not only affordable but also reliable.

In this case, I’d recommend purchasing your hosting services from:

Bluehost $79 with free domain

Truehost Ksh 2349($21)

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WordPress blog Set up

There are quite a number of tutorials that you can use as a guide to install WordPress on your WordPress blog in Kenya.

You can also ask for assistance from the support staff of your hosting platform.

if you may run into any complications, you can opt to turn to our WordPress services and we’ll get everything set up for you.

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With those two guides, you’ll know your way around WordPress before and after installing WordPress.



When choosing a theme for your blog, make your choices in terms of speed, price, and functionality.

There are many free themes on WordPress but they are missing one or to things that you’d wish to have in your blog.

If you are looking for affordable themes I’d suggest going for Astra themes.


The one thing I love about WordPress is the availability of a wide variety of free plugins.

When starting out I’d suggest not taking a keen interest in acquiring premium WordPress plugins as you may not be in need of them.

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Now the question is, how much does it cost to start a WordPress blog in Kenya?

Basic set up with free theme – Ksh2349 for Truehost and $70 for Bluehost

Basic set up with a Premium theme- Ksh 4352 for Truehost and $110 for Bluehost

For a Kenyan blogger just starting out, I’d suggest going for a basic set up with a free theme and upgrade to a premium theme with time.


How much does it cost to start a WordPress blog?

Depending upon your goals and the type of blog you want to start, your blog posts will be around $21.00 to $65.40 to start a blog in 2020 and cover your first year of expenses

How do I self-host my blog?

Sign up for web hosting (we recommend Bluehost).
Choose a hosting plan.
Pick a domain name for your blog.
Complete your hosting registration.
Install WordPress.
Log in and write your first blog post.

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